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Bluetooth Smart (4.0) Troubleshooting

The first thing is to make sure that your Bluetooth Smart devices aren't currently paired to any other devices or applications as Bluetooth devices can only pair to one receiver at a time. If you're able to connect your device, but experiencing drop-outs, these tips can help:

  • Check your router as high traffic can interfere with the connection. Some routers perform automatic backups that can cause issues as well.
  • Try turning Wi-Fi off altogether to improve connection.
  • Turn off other Bluetooth connections such as keyboards, headsets, etc. Too many connections can cause drop-outs.
  • Replace the batteries in the device.
  • Make sure the devices aren't too far away from the dongle.
  • Make sure that you don't have more than one power meter or electronic trainer paired. Bluetooth Smart is only able to pair to one power meter or electronic trainer at a time.

PC Bluetooth Troubleshooting


Make sure you have installed the necessary USB drivers. Download Bluetooth Smart devices here.

Also, you must have the BLED112 USB dongle specifically (even with native BT 4.0 support). No other Bluetooth dongle will work on Windows. Note: the BLED112 will not work with Mac computers.


Having trouble with the BLED112?

If you're running into problems with the BLED 112, even after installing the drivers, try the following steps:

  1. Make sure the BLED is plugged into your computer's USB port. Open the Device Manager.
  2. Next click on "Ports (COM & LPT)" You should now see your BLED under the name of 'Bluegiga Bluetooth Low Energy' with a COM number.
  3. Right click on the BLED and click 'Update Driver Software'.
  4. Click 'Browse my computer for driver software', and locate the TrainerRoad USB Drivers you downloaded from the link above. This is typically located in "C:\Program Files\TrainerRoad USBDrivers" or \Program Files (x86)\ if you're on a 64bit operating system.
  5. Start TrainerRoad and click 'Search for Bluetooth 4.0' in the Devices tab.

If that doesn't work, and you still don't see pairing options for Bluetooth, try plugging the BLED-112 into a different USB port and trying again.

Screenshot #1

Mac/iOS Bluetooth Troubleshooting


Bluetooth 4.0 comes native in most Mac desktops and laptops since 2011 including iPhones and iPads. This means that you do not need a Bluetooth dongle to pair Bluetooth Smart devices to TrainerRoad! Here is a more specific list:

  • MacBook Air (mid 2011+)
  • Mac Mini (late 2011+)
  • MacBook Pro (mid 2012+)
  • iMac (early 2013+)
  • iPhone 4s+
  • iPad Mini, Air, Air 2


Have an older Mac without native Bluetooth 4.0?

The IOGEAR or ORICO dongles can work for Macs that don't come with native BT 4.0. Unfortunately, those dongles don't seem to work consistently with older Macs - especially if the user is running Mavericks. This is not a recommended approach, but if you have the dongles you can give it a try.

For OSX 10.7 and earlier, you may be able to get the dongle working by following this article: Using unsupported Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle with OS X.

For OSX 10.9 or newer, try following these steps:

  1. If you have a bluetooth mouse, you need to have a wired mouse handy. A wired keyboard is nice, but not strictly necessary.
  2. Get the "Hardware IO Tools for Xcode" from here: (Apple login required) This includes the "Bluetooth Explorer" utility.
  3. Launch Bluetooth Explorer. A top menu will only appear. Go to Tools => HCI Controller Selector. This setting allows you to change what bluetooth controller the system will use as it's primary.
  4. Before swapping it, plug in your wired mouse and un-pair all bluetooth devices on the system in the system preferences (100% necessary or you will not be able to re-pair them with the new controller!). Once that's done, change it to your new controller. The utility says that this will not stick with a restart, but I've found that it actually does. It will ask for your password. If you are now keyboard-less, pull up the virtual keyboard and enter it.
  5. The new controller is active and you can now repair your devices. This took me a few tries, for whatever reason they didn't pair right away, but they did within 5 minutes or so.
  6. Go to TrainerRoad and search for the BT controller.


Still having problems?

Our support staff is here to help you out! You can contact us at

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  • Avatar
    Tod Cox

    The BLED112 is out of stock/backordered until July '14 everywhere I looked. Is there any other solution for Windows 8?

  • Avatar

    Where can you get a BLED112 in Australia as the company above want $66 for one shipped here .

  • Avatar
    Julien Wicks

    I got mine from for ~AU$25 + shipping.

  • Avatar
  • Avatar

    Thanks Julian I has ordered one from the same company . Now just waiting for it .

  • Avatar
    Jason Ladd

    Oouuch... I purchased an 8ware Bluetooth adaptor from PB Tech locally for NZ$18...
    I couldn't get it to work and have now bitten the bullet and paid NZ$74 (!) for the BLED112 adaptor from Mouser.

  • Avatar
    Bryce La May

    Just in case anyone is wondering, mouser and other sites have been re-stocked and are back to a regular price :). Sorry to everyone who had to wait so long!

  • Avatar
    Lee Christie

    Finally my BLED112 arrived....but is too unstable to use. bleconsole.exe stops working.......

  • Avatar
    Bryce La May

    Lee, would you mind e-mailing us at We'll help find out what the issue is.

  • Avatar
    David Cartwright

    You guys really need to make this more obvious during sign up. Yes, it's there in the text but the big logos displaying Bluetooth standards really give the impression that you could use a BT dongle that conforms to those standards.

    You've not lost a customer over it as, as far as I can tell, I have no other option if I want to do BT power stuff. It's left a sour taste in my mouth though and has meant that I've wasted an evening messing around with the trainer and having to source a new BT dongle.


  • Avatar
    Lee Christie

    David, whilst I agree that it does need to be a bit clearer, its worth bearing in mind two things.
    Firstly - the ANT+ integration seems far more robust than BT to me. Devices are discovered quicker and seem more responsive.
    Secondly - I have a stages power meter which I use for cadence (as well as power when out) and a KICKR. You cannot pair to both using BT as both identify as a "Power Meter" so first one to pair wins. When using ANT+ the KICKR identifies as a "Trainer" so allows the simultaneous use of the stages. In short - ANT+ is the only way to get KICKR control, power plus cadence. So all things considered had I known that at the outset I would never have bothered with BT :-)
    I'm in the UK and have two spare BT dongles if anyone is interested.....

  • Avatar
    Antony Walker

    I actually read these comments and still managed to buy the wrong Bluetooth dongle, I just hope when I eventually find the correct dongle the polar bluetooth smart cadence and separate speed sensors will work, will be interesting to see what it thinks about my stages bluetooth output.

  • Avatar
    carl friedman

    I agree with David and i'm about to order an ant dongle. Any suggestions on ant dongle? I didn't look yet for pc?

  • Avatar
    Alex Kizis

    Hey Carl, Everyone,

    I've spoken to our Web Designers about this article. We all realize that it needs to be cleaned up and made to be more clear. Rest assured this will be happening soon.

    Carl, if you have any specific questions about troubleshooting an existing Bluetooth 4.0 setup you have, feel free to email us at

    If you do choose to go the ANT+ route, the options aren't quite as limited as they are with Bluetooth 4.0. Check out this article on ANT+ dongles and links to the ones we recommend: I personally use the newest dongle by Garmin and quite like it. I've also heard good feedback regarding Suunto's ANT+ stick from my colleagues.

    Again, don't hesitate to drop our Support Staff a line at anytime!

  • Avatar
    Cristoforo Signori

    Wow ... I am not the most tech savvy but I didn't think I would have to be when using this software with a new macbook pro and KICKR by Wahoo Fitness. I keep getting workouts that don't save and yesterday the workout paused mid-way approximately 30 times. This was not a problem 2 days earlier using the exact same setup in the same location. At one point the workout completely stopped on its own. I am getting ready to completely give up on Trainer Road.

  • Avatar
    Lee Christie

    Hey Cristoforo - if a workout is pausing then it sounds like it thinks you've stopped pedalling; this is most likely a signal transmission error. Don't give up on TR since its not really their issue to fix. In my setup i have a wired ethernet connection so internet access is without fault and I use ANT+ which has rock solid communication with the Kickr and Stages Power Meter (cadence). The HR monitor does sometimes lose signal if I put the ANT+ stick on the floor but works fine if I droop it over the handlebars. I use a USB extension lead so I can position the ANT+ stick wherever I want away from the computer.

  • Avatar
    Alex Kizis

    Hi Cristoforo,

    As Lee said (thanks for chiming in, Lee!), I suspect the workout pauses are due to signal dropouts from your cadence sensor. TrainerRoad has a default setting that uses the presence of cadence readings to automatically play and pause a workout. If TR detects a lack of cadence readings, it will automatically pause the workout. Of course, we'd like to troubleshoot the root of the issue (likely the cadence sensor's signal), but you can confirm this is the culprit by checking the "Don't use cadence to play/pause workout" box under the Profile tab of your Desktop application.

    The most common culprits of device dropouts are weak batteries, interference from other wireless devices/WiFi, and physical obstructions.

    Don't hesitate to email our support staff at to discus this and your workouts that aren't saving.

    Thanks, Christoforo!

  • Avatar
    Rob Grimm

    HI - Bluetooth connectivity issue with Wahoo HR. Neither my MacBook Pro, or iPhone 6 will connect with my Wahoo HR strap, although it does connect with the Wahoo cadence sensor. I had an issue before, but thought it was low HR strap monitor battery, as things improved with new battery. But this time nothing.
    Any ideas welcome.
    Thanks, Rob

  • Avatar
    Lee Christie

    Hi Rob

    1. Unclip the HR monitor on one side and reclip. If the blue LED isn't flashing on the front, its game over. Try changing battery or unclipping both sides. Not sure what unclipping does, if anything!! but this sometimes happens with mine and this fixes it.

    2. If the HR monitor is flashing but can't be picked up, turn off bluetooth on all devices which may be connecting to it, leaving just the one you want. Again, I get this with a shared HR monitor my wife/son use.

  • Avatar
    Rob Grimm

    yep, have tried unclipping, clipping, new batts.... but there is no LED on the front of the unit - model is Wahoo Fitness BlueHR

  • Avatar
    Rob Grimm

    having just read reviews on the BlueHR, i reckon the unit is shot. looks like i need a replacement, so can you recommend the most reliable Bluetooth HR which is compatible with TR?

  • Avatar
    Lee Christie

    Hi Rob

    I have a basic TICKR, this works fine with Wahoo Fitness App, TR (IOS and PC (via ANT)) and my Garmin 810. The wife/son have a TICKR Run which also seems fine. I prefer the Wahoo products so you get both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart.

  • Avatar
    Dan Schaeffer

    #FLAMEON - This bluetooth implementation is sooo flaky. After a lot of intermittent fits and starts it just outright quit today. I'm not sure why you've chosen BlueGIGA as your partner but their dongles are unavailable in retail stores (and I live in the same town as their west coast office) and don't consistently wake from sleep when Trainer Road is launched. Your instructions for updating the firmware don't seem to work for me as the CMD line tells me 'Access is denied' when I try to copy that file to the COM3 port (you should probably give clear instructions as to how to "run the CMD utility as Administrator because your average citizen won't have a clue). You should also tell people to look for the device under the Ports in the device manager - I could never get it to appear as a bluetooth radio.

    Anyway, I was finally to get it to pair by re-launching Trainer Road.

  • Avatar
    John Reddersen


    Their instructions for updating the firmware leave out a couple of important steps and are wrong in another.
    1) copy /B dfumode.bin COMx (replacing x with the com port as described)
    2) Find the new device in device manage and update the drivers. Chose Browse My Computer for driver software. Select C:\Program Files (x86)\TrainerRoad USBDrivers (assuming you've already installed the drivers) and make sure Include Subfolders is is checked. This should give you a new Bluegigga DFU device.
    3) dfutool.exe 2458:fffe out.hex (not the ':' not a '.')
    4) I had to unplug my dongle at this point to get it to reboot back into dongle mode.

    Unfortunately, even after all that I still can't get it to pair with my Jarv Cadence & Speed sensor The device pairs just fine with my Nexus 5 and the RideWithGPS or WahooFitness apps, so I know the sensor works.

  • Avatar
    Paul Cartmel

    Guys, this is not good enough. I'll continue with Zwift and VirtualTrainer where my PowerSync is working. How can you expect people to buy a dongle when there is a bluetooth standard and it is adhered to? Also you should, as is pointed out early, either have a trial period or make this more obvious before signup. (or allow the app to test the device before signup). Very unimpressed. I would like my $12 back and my account deleted.

  • Avatar
    Larry Sussman

    Hi Paul,

    I'm sorry for the trouble you had using your CycleOps PowerSync trainer with our Windows application. :(

    As Corey explained in response to your support request, the reason we went with the Bluegiga dongle was to support Bluetooth across as many Windows machines as possible. While some Windows computers do have native Bluetooth, the way they have all implemented it differs, which makes it difficult to code our app around each one.

    In the PowerSync Help Center article, we described how it's only supported via ANT+ on our app. Our Equipment Checker also links to required hardware and setup information:

    Again, I'm sorry for the trouble. We've gone ahead and refunded your $12, and suspended your account.

  • Avatar
    Jorge Araneta

    I've literally tried everything and the saving grace is that you've got one heck of a rep in Brandon. I will say this, you guys need to be very, VERY, More so EXPLICITELY clear on what the requirements are for compatibility especially for bluetooth. I've emailed Brandon back to cancel my account and refund my annual plan. Please let me know when that has been completed.

  • Avatar
    Brandon Nied

    Hey Jorge,

    I apologize you were unable to connect your PowerBeam Pro via Bluetooth. I've gone ahead and refunded your account, but am more than happy to continue troubleshooting the issue with you!

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