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CycleOps Powerbeam Pro

Powerbeam Pro & TrainerRoad Overview Video

Connecting the Powerbeam Pro with TrainerRoad

The CycleOps PowerBeam Pro connects to TrainerRoad via an ANT+. Here's how to connect it:

1. Open the TrainerRoad app.

2. Plug in your ANT+ USB stick.

3. Go to the Devices tab.

If your screen looks like the one below after clicking the "Devices" tab, click "Search for ANT+ USB". If you don't see this button, then good news! TrainerRoad already found your ANT+ USB stick.


4. Search for devices.

After your ANT+ USB stick is connected, you should see this screen. Scroll down to where you see the PowerBeam Pro listed, and click "Pair." If you have an older Power Beam Pro, clicking "Pair" may not be successful. If this is the case, you can connect with TrainerRoad by clicking "Legacy" instead of "Pair."

The PowerBeam Pro works best when it's paired first — before any other devices. It won't pair if you're trying to pair other devices such as heart rate monitors at the same time.


5. Once the device is paired, it's time to do a Spindown Calibration.

A Spindown Calibration aims to quantify the variable of rolling resistance (affected by tire pressure and trainer pressure) in order to get more accurate power readings. (Note: This should be done often, not just on the initial setup. Doing it every other ride, or even every ride, isn't a bad idea.) After pairing the device, look for the "Spindown" button below the mode selection button.

5a. Spindown Step 1.

As indicated in the window below, maintain a speed between 18-22mph for 120 seconds.

5b. Spindown Step 2.

After maintaining the speed for the indicated time, stop pedaling and let your bike coast to a stop.

5c. Spindown Step 3.

Once your bike has coasted to a stop, you should see the following message. Click "Done" and you're ready to ride!


Connection Problems

Visit our Device Pairing Troubleshooting page.

Are you having ANT+ USB stick issues? Visit out ANT+ USB Stick troubleshooting page.

Note that the PowerBeam Pro Smart or BT 4.0 is not currently supported by TrainerRoad. For now, we suggest that you pair the Power BeamPro Smart or BT 4.0 as a power meter.


Spindown Calibration

Have you been spinning down your PBP and TrainerRoad says something like there's 65,000 seconds left? That's actually the PBP's way of indicating that something went wrong with the spindown. This is usually due following the spindown steps incorrectly. This error can also be caused if the signal was interrupted during spindown. In order to fix this, try the following:

1. Unplug and reconnect your power cord to your PBP (restart it) 
2. Restart TrainerRoad


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