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SRM Power Meter

How To: Pair an ANT+ Power Meter

TrainerRoad will collect and display power data from all models of SRM power meters using ANT+. Learn more about ANT+ connectivity.


How to Pair Your SRM with TrainerRoad

1. Open the TrainerRoad application and go to the Devices tab.

2. Click the "Pair" button that corresponds with Power Meter.

3. Wait for your SRM to pair with TrainerRoad

"Searching for device" will be displayed until TrainerRoad finds your power meter.

4. Your SRM is Now Paired

The pairing box will turn green once your SRM is paired with TrainerRoad. You'll be able to view power, cadence, speed, the SRM's signal strength, hours since your battery has been replaced, and a button to manually zero your power meter.

5. Manually Zero Your SRM

Manually zeroing your power meter is akin to zeroing a scale before measuring your weight. Hit the Manual Zero button to complete this process. Although this step isn't required to start a workout, we recommend zeroing your SRM before each ride.

You will see "Reported" and "Current" offset. "Reported Offset" is the reading the SRM is outputting. "Current Offset" is what TrainerRoad has saved. If these numbers do not match up, perform a manual zero.

Note that both offsets are the same. You're ready to ride!


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