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Bluetooth Smart Connectivity

Bluetooth Smart (4.0) is a wireless communication protocol that devices such as heart rate straps or speed/cadence sensors use to communicate with TrainerRoad. The devices you connect to TrainerRoad must be either Bluetooth Smart or ANT+.

* When running TrainerRoad on our Air application Bluetooth Smart is only able to pair to one power meter at a time, including electronic trainers. If you would like to pair an electronic trainer and a power meter, you must use ANT+

Using Bluetooth Smart with the TrainerRoad iOS App


TrainerRoad is compatible with any iPhone or iPad that has Bluetooth 4.0 built in.

iPhones with BT 4.0: 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus

iPads with BT 4.0: Air, Air 2, Mini, Mini (Retina)

Most Bluetooth Smart heart rate straps, speed/cadence sensors, and power meters are supported by TrainerRoad. Here are some of the most popular Bluetooth Smart devices we support:


Don't have the TrainerRoad iOS app?

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Using Bluetooth Smart with the TrainerRoad Android App



Most Bluetooth Smart heart rate straps, speed/cadence sensors, and power meters are supported by TrainerRoad. Here are some of the most popular Bluetooth Smart devices we support:


Don't have the TrainerRoad Android app?

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Using Bluetooth Smart with TrainerRoad Desktop


Most Bluetooth Smart heart rate straps, speed/cadence sensors, and power meters are supported by TrainerRoad. Here are some of the most popular Bluetooth Smart devices we support:

Other Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitors should also work with TrainerRoad. Any other Bluetooth Smart heart rate, speed/cadence, or power meter supported by the Wahoo SDK.



Supported Operating Systems and Required Hardware

Bluetooth Smart devices require a computer that has Bluetooth 4.0.


Mac OSX 10.8 or Higher

Bluetooth 4.0 is native in the newer Macbook Air (mid 2011), Mac Mini (late 2011), Macbook Pro (mid 2012), and iMac (early 2013).


Mac OSX 10.7 or Older - No Native BT 4.0.

The IOGEAR or ORICO dongles can work for Macs that don't come with native BT 4.0. Unfortunately, those dongles don't seem to work consistently with older Macs — especially if the user is running Mavericks.

This is not a recommended approach, but if you have the dongles you can give it a try.


Windows XP to Windows 8 and Above

Bluetooth Smart on TrainerRoad on Windows requires a special BLED112 USB dongle which are available from Mouser and Digi-Key. They both ship worldwide.

Even if your computer has native Bluetooth 4.0 or you have another Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle, you'll still need the BLED112. The good news is that it is about half the price of an ANT+ USB dongle.

We use the Bluegiga BLED112 dongle to offer Bluetooth Smart on all versions of Windows. Windows 8 has some decent support for Bluetooth Smart but if we would have implemented our solution using Windows drivers for Bluetooth dongles, this would have only worked on Windows 8.


  1. Get the Bluegiga BLED112 dongle from Mouser or Digi-Key.
  2. Install the drivers and latest TrainerRoad.exe from here.
  3. Upgrade the firmware on the dongle. Learn how.



Need more help? Check out the Bluetooth Smart Troubleshooting article.

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  • Avatar
    Lessard Derek

    Does Wahoo RPM work with Trainerroad? I already have the Kickr, but my garmin cadence broke and looking to replace just fro indoor trainer (trainer road) sessions. Many thanks

  • Avatar
    Alexander Rodriguez

    Seems like every store is out of stock for the BLED12. Are there any other alternatives for a laptop running windows 8 in order to use Wahoo Bluetooth devices like my heart rate monitor?

  • Avatar
    Fabio Monjardim

    My macbook doesn't have Bluetooth 4.0 support natively (mid 2010), could I use an usb bluetooth 4.0 adapter?

  • Avatar
    Bryce La May

    Fabio, you could try out the IOGEAR or ORICO dongles. I added some links to find them above :)

  • Avatar
    Fabio Monjardim

    I will check this out!!! thanks a lot.

  • Avatar
    Matt Cross

    i have a 2012 mac air running OSX 10.9.4 (no bluetooth 4.0) have been having issues with bad reception and drop outs between my stages pwr meter and trainer road. Got an orico bluetooth4.0 usb. trainer road cant even see it.

    is there anything else i can do? ant1 is dropping out, blutooth4 isnt working with my mac/??? is there anything else?

  • Avatar
    Bryce La May

    Matt, for ANT+ it sounds like the laptop could be causing interference or the dongle is not close enough to the sensor. I would recommend switching USB ports (perhaps the other side of the laptop) or trying a USB extension cable.

    For Bluetooth, try following the directions for OSX and Bluetooth dongles in the Bluetooth Smart Troubleshooting article. Here's a link

    Feel free to shoot us an e-mail at if you continue to have any problems, Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Alex Smith

    Whilst Mouse and Digikey ship internationally, you will pay through the nose for it!

    For those of you in the UK, the best place I could find on-line to get these (locally shipped) is RS:

    Hope that helps!

  • Avatar
    Jamie Kennea

    Does TrainerRoad iOS only work with the iPads listed, because iPads have supported BLE since the first Retina iPad (AKA 3rd Generation iPad , or as Apple called it "the new iPad"). So your list of iPads should probably include that and the 4th Generation iPad.

  • Avatar
    Jeremy Gerrits

    What about RFLKT(+)?

  • Avatar
    Alex Kizis

    @Jeremy Gerrits,

    The RFLKT(+) won't work as a bridging device at the moment. We have yet to find a good solution for device bridging, but we'll keep everyone updated as we learn more.

  • Avatar
    Lauris Ieviņš

    Are there any plans to implement native Bluetooth 4.0 for Windows 8+? I was a little disappointed having to buy a dongle when all the hardware capabilities are there, just not implemented in software. I understand you had to have a solution that works on older Windows versions as well, but maybe some time in future no dongle solution could be implemented besides BLED112?

  • Avatar
    Bryce La May

    @Lauris We have hopes of being able to implement native Bluetooth 4.0 support for Windows, but unfortunately we don't have a time frame on this. At some point we want to revamp the desktop app, so we'll look into implementing this when that time comes. Sorry I don't have any more information to share!

  • Avatar
    Carlton Bale

    For anyone with an older Mac that does not have Bluetooth 4.0, I recommend trying the "Continuity Activation Tool" and a compatible Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle. This allows activation of the Bluetooth continuity feature using a compatible USB dongle on an older Mac (vs. internal BT hardware on newer Macs.) The trick is that the adapter needs to have a chipset similar to what Apple uses in newer Macs. Here are the specs for the adapter:

    "The recommendation is to look for dongles based on the Broadcom BCM20702 chip, which are similar to the ones used by Apple in their Continuity compatible Macs. A few examples: Asus BT400, IOGEAR GBU521, GMYLE, and many others. Compatibility with CSR dongles is not guaranteed."

    More info on the Continuity Activation Tool can be found here:

  • Avatar
    alistair booth

    If I am using my ipad mini with the trainerroad app will I be able to connect my ipad to a tv using the lightening to hdmi port?

  • Avatar
    kelly hill
    My kenetic Inride keeps dropping momentarily during a ride. How do I get around this?
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