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Missing Workouts

Not seeing the workout that you want to ride? Let's find it. 


Are there filters that might be hiding them?

When we added in filters, it greatly improved the way that users could find the exact workout that would work for them. But the one drawback is that some filters that were selected might limit the workouts you see if you haven't de-selected that filter. Fixing this is super quick though.

On the top of the workouts filter there is a reset option. Try selecting that and see if you are able to see the workouts by going into the section where it should be (The Sufferfest in this case). From here, you can also search within the filter to find your workout quicker.


Did it sync properly?

Sometimes a ride just gets lost in the mix. To fix this, go under the info tab of the TrainerRoad app. Towards the middle of the window is a button that says "Resync Workouts". Clicking that will force the app to make sure that it has all of the workouts that it's supposed to have.


Missing a custom workout?

If you're not seeing your custom workout in the Custom Workouts section, the app might not know that it is available.


Make sure that your workout has been published and has synced so the TrainerRoad servers see that it is ready to be used.


If you're sure that it's published but it's still not showing up, the app might not have retrieved it from the server. The quick fix for this is to refresh the workouts while in the Custom Workouts section by pressing the refresh button in the lower left corner of the app.



Still not seeing a workout?

Email us at and we'll help you find those missing workouts.

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  • Avatar
    Glenn Matheson

    How can I add all of my non trainerroad rides? There doesn't seem to be much point at all to the TSS score shown if it only takes the trainer road rides?

    Surely there's a way that we can import a garmin file into trainer road so that the TSS is some use?

  • Avatar
    Alex Kizis

    Hi Glenn,

    There isn't a way to do this at the moment, but we absolutely have plans to add this feature! We agree that adding all of your rides to your Career is something important.

    I don't have an ETA on this just yet, but we'll keep everyone updated!

  • Avatar
    Dan Contant

    This would be an excellent option, how is coming along?

  • Avatar
    David Janssen

    In the beta app there is a refresh button next to the filter icon. Hitting that did the trick for me!

  • Avatar
    Jean-Charles Viens

    Hi I love your triathlon training plans. With spring already in full bloom, I am wondering as well when I will be able to upload an outdoor workout from my Garmin or just like my MotoActv, be able to manually input some metrics (distance, avg speed, time etc.). Any development on this ?

  • Avatar
    David Jackson

    Alex, et al, Nice job on the TR custom workout editor!
    First of all, I'm not trying to be critical of the app. It's pretty amazing right now. I do have a few comments and questions. I realize that there is another version under development.
    1) Is there a way to zoom and pan on the X-axis? As the compiled workout gets longer, things get smaller in the X dimension and it's difficult to manipulate.
    2) The snippet feature is great! When clicking and dragging, it's hard to get exactly on the boundary between or even at the end boundary of the workout. I often find I have a tiny, 1 minute segment that got split off when inserting a snippet. What would be a great addition - either a button or snippet right click menu item that is "insert after selected segment". I guess you might want to split a segment on the graph already but I bet that isn't desired too often.
    3) Right mouse function like copy, paste, delete for segments on the graph would be nice.
    4) Copy and paste - I imagine that copy does indeed copy segments. But paste does not seem to work. And would it paste after the highlighted segment or would it replace the highlighted segment? Pasting after would certainly be preferred, considering there seems to be no way to set a cursor along the X-axis to indicate an insertion point. I can only highlight one or more segments.
    5) Custom workouts - having some trouble finding them after creating. "no workouts found" but did some stuff as above and did get them to appear on another computer and eventually on the main computer after restarting apps.
    6) Access to data format - Cool feature for the future - give us the data format. Perhaps some ascii delimited or spreadsheet format and allow users to download their custom workouts. This might allow for some pretty cool developed apps or spreadsheets to manipulate workouts.
    7) Finally, because I think this would be great on the main TR app, I'll mention it here. Allow users to scale the X-axis to create longer or shorter workouts of the same form. I asked this question about the main program and was told that one cannot time-scale workouts.
    8) Oops, what happened?? I just deleted all my custom workouts???? I was clicking on the apps to explore some functions. I clicked "delete and resync workouts" thinking it would synchronize missing workouts somehow. I had no clue that would delete ALL MY WORKOUTS. Why would someone want to delete all their work at custom workouts without a warning?? That is a HORRIBLE feature without a some sort of "are you sure" dialog. WOW, you need to fix that. Looks like release date was June 2014. When is the next one coming out.



  • Avatar
    Adrian McHale

    Hi Alex,

    This is what I'm looking for my pm seems to get a more constant readout when I record on the Garmin rather than through the ANT + dongle plus it more portable and I'd like to import the garmin recorded files into TR. Any news on when I'll be able to do it?

  • Avatar
    Evan Cohen

    Hey Adrian,

    I just reached out to you through your email address that's linked to your TrainerRoad account, so check your inbox for a message from us!

  • Avatar
    Oliver O'Sullivan

    "There isn't a way to do this at the moment, but we absolutely have plans to add this feature! We agree that adding all of your rides to your Career is something important."

    Two years on, still nothing. You've partnered with TrainingPeaks - their free account provides TSS/IF data for rides - can we please just have two fields for that data along with the "outdoor rides" radio button so that your plans still prove useful when we aride our bikes outside instead of exclusively inside??

  • Avatar
    Cooper Richardson

    Hi everyone,

    We very excited to say that we're working hard toward getting you this functionality soon. As far as releasing a definitive ETA, we're still not there. But I can assure everyone that our team is working to have the ability to import outdoor ride data in the coming outdoor season (in the northern hemisphere, just to be clear. :)) Our main focus of 2016 was to revamp and redesign all platforms of our app, and now that we've completed that hefty task we're excited for what the new year will bring! We now have many hands on deck to help complete this next task of implementing the use of outdoor rides! It should be soon enough now. :)

    @Oliver O'Sullivan, Just to clarify as much as possible, we actually do not have a partnership with TP, we do however allow rides to push from TrainerRoad to TrainingPeaks. Also, until recently, we only had plans to start the implementation of outdoor rides to TrainerRoad, but we hadn't been building it just yet. Now they aren't just ideas out on the horizon in the planning phase but in the very real building phase. So now when we say that this feature will be coming soon, we don't mean some vague time period in the future but very soon. Again, I don't have an exact ETA for you, but keep an eye out and we'll be releasing it soon! :)

    Thank you all again for your patience and continued support with us here at TrainerRoad. Looking forward to being extra fast for 2017!

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