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Device Pairing Troubleshooting

Having problems pairing a device? Let's figure out what's going on with your device to get you back up and running. 


Check our Device Walkthroughs

We have detailed walkthroughs for all the different types of devices along with individual troubleshooting for different types of devices.  

Device Walkthroughs


Problems with ANT+ USB Stick Detection


If TrainerRoad can't find your ANT+ USB Stick we have a troubleshooting article to help you get going.

ANT+ USB Stick Troubleshooting


Problems with Bluetooth Smart (4.0) Detection



If TrainerRoad can't detect your Bluetooth Smart (4.0) devices on your computer we have an article that will help you with the system and hardware requirements.

Bluetooth Smart (4.0) Requirements


WiFi Signal Interference

ANT+ and Bluetooth both operate on 2.4 ghz and can be affected by WiFi routers, microwaves and other bluetooth devices.

If you're having pairing/drop out issues it's best to eliminate these variables and then bring them back one at a time.  If you find that a WiFi router is interfering, read our WiFi troubleshooting article.


Other problems

If you are still experiencing problems please check out our device dropout article.

Device Dropout Troubleshooting


Sensor Battery

When a device battery gets low, the reception gets worse. Try replacing the device battery. Some devices report their battery condition over ANT+ and we display that on the Devices page. But it is not a universal feature, and speed/cadence sensors can't report it due to a protocol limitation.

If your head unit picks up the signal, but TrainerRoad does not, try moving your bike setup closer to your ANT+ USB stick. Sometimes a couple feet can make a big difference.

Still having issues?

Drop us a line at and we'll get any device pairing issues you have sorted out.

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  • Avatar
    ryan brown

    hi, im having issues pairing my stages power meter. it keeps pairing my kickr and not my stages,please help

  • Avatar
    Brandon Nied

    Hi Ryan,

    There are a few things that could be causing you to pick up your KICKR and not your Stages. I sent you an email with more details on this, and to get a better idea of your exact device setup. :)

  • Avatar
    Fred Bingham

    I have a question. How do I DELETE a device? My pm wasn't reading correctly so I "forgot" it and added a new one. The new one now works well with TR. however, I can't find an option to delete the PM that I "forgot". It stays listed there.


  • Avatar
    Paul Zammit


  • Avatar
    Diedre Cook

    Hey @Fred, currently there isn't a way to delete a device BUT as long as it isn't paired and remains gray instead of green then it won't work with TrainerRoad.

    Hi @Paul! Hey Paul, we responded to the ticket you sent in! Please check that out when you get the chance!

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