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Missing Ride (Workout didn't Save)

This article explains what to do if your completed TrainerRoad ride doesn't show up in either the desktop software and/or website.


Ride is Missing Under the Career Tab

If the ride you completed is not showing up in the desktop app, then TrainerRoad's crack support team can recover the ride for you.

To do that, we'll need your "TrLocalFiles" folder emailed to us or attached to a support ticket.

TRLocalFiles Folder Location

Under the info tab hold shift and click on the support link. 

This will create a folder on your desktop called TRLocalFiles.

Zip up that folder (right click the folder to compress the file on a Mac) and email it to us or attached to a support ticket.


Ride is Missing From the Website

All rides done with TrainerRoad are synced to our website. To view your rides, make sure you're logged into our website, then go to your career page.  They will be listed at the bottom of that page.

If your ride is showing up in the desktop software but not on your career page then the ride has not synced with our servers.

Not to worry, we can manually republish the ride to our servers.


Manually republishing a workout

Under the career tab select the ride that is not showing up on our website. To republish the ride, select the icon with the three bars.

The ride should now show up on the online career page.


Still Have a Problem?

If you still have a problem, please e-mail us at and we'll get things taken care of.

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  • Avatar
    Andy Bruce

    Big thank you to Wizards Corey & Darden for helping a numbskull to locate my 'missing' ride.

  • Avatar

    Hi - What if I lost my ride and it was done on an iPad? The Iphone App doesn't have the option to retrieve the TRLocalFile?

  • Avatar
    Liz Johnson

    Just responded to your support ticket, Camilo. Hopefully re-syncing the workout will do the trick :)

  • Avatar
    Adam Lee
    The pictures do not represent my iPhone TR app and the options are not available. Might need to update this support page.
  • Avatar
    Dominic Watts

    Hi, I had to stop a ride part way through and instead of pressing save I hit cancel or delete (can't remember what it said). This means I've lost the workout now, which I never meant to do because I still had a bunch of TSS that I wanted recording. Is this recoverable using the process outlined above? I used a PC but with the new software, not the version shown in the pics above.

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