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Wrong Workout FTP

Complete a workout with an incorrect FTP input?

Not a problem! Our support staff is happy to reprocess your ride with the correct FTP. This will ensure your workout stats are accurate and apply to the correct FTP.


Here's what we'll need from you:

Submit a support ticket to Be sure to include your username, your correct FTP, and the name and date of the workout in question.

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    Stephen Frothingham

    Does this happen often, and why/how? I ask because I just completed a workout with the wrong FTP and I can't figure out how my FTP got changed since yesterday. I don't really care about going back in and correcting the data, I just want to make sure it doesn't happen again!

    (I did what I was expecting to be a super tough workout, Palisade, but it didn't feel super hard. Turns out the FTP was set 20w too low. Didn't realize until I was done. Oh well.)

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    Cooper Richardson

    Hey there Stephen,

    This is an issue that can be fixed pretty quickly! :) What you can do is log out of all of your TrainerRoad platforms whether it is online, mobile app, or desktop app. Then log back in online and change your values within your profile. Then log out and you should be good to go! All of your values should "stick" in place. :)

    If you are still having issues after this, please go ahead and message us at :)

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    Troy Hawkins

    I don't get how this works, I did the 8 minute test using my iphone, and when I log into the web my updated FTP does not show up. Does my profile not sync? Also why is it that I can I can join training plan on the web, but I can't see my progress on any of the applications?

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    Brandon Nied

    Hi Troy,

    Your new suggested FTP should show up in your career. Lets have you try re-syncing the workout. On your iPhone, click the career tab and then on the FTP test you completed. In the upper right there will be 3 dots. If you click on those, it should bring up a list of options including "Re-Sync Ride". Clicking on this should do the trick getting everything updated on your online career as long as you have a good internet connection or adequate phone service.

    The iOS application will not currently show your progress in the plan, but it will show what workouts fall in what weeks. This way, as long as you know what week you should be on and your last workout, you will be able to find what workout comes next. :)

    If you are still having issues after this, please go ahead and message us at :)

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