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Post Ride Analysis

Analyzing Rides Through Your Online Career

Once you have completed your ride you can view the stats through your Online Career page. 


You can view the TSS, NP, IF, KJ, and Watt/KG for each interval. For more information on what these represent you can check out Training Acronyms Defined in our help center.

You can also highlight and view specific intervals. 


The Bests tab displays any personal records you achieve during a workout.


Power/Heart Zones

We use power and heart-rate zones as defined by Dr. Andrew Coggan.

Analyzing your Ride (iOS)

Looking over your ride data is made easy in our iOS app! Go to your Career screen, and click on the ride you'd like to analyze. This will open the ride's Summary.

You can view the course profile, overall ride data, and add ride notes here.

View Interval Data

Riders can tap "View interval Data" to look over specific intervals in greater depth.

First, the overall workout data will display...

...but tapping on a specific interval will zoom in and allow riders to get a closer look at their performance.

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