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Device Dropouts


ANT+ Device Dropouts

Here are a few things you can do to alleviate ANT+ device dropouts. Scroll down for help with Bluetooth Dropouts.


Get the ANT+ USB stick closer to your devices

Placing the ANT USB stick closer to your sensors will make the USB stick more likely to pick up an ANT signal. To do this, you can move your computer or iOS device closer to your sensors.

If on a computer, you can also use a USB extension cable to get the USB stick closer to your devices.


Sensor Battery

When a device battery gets low, the reception distance decreases. Try replacing the device battery. Some devices report their battery condition over ANT+ and we display that on the Devices page. But it is not a universal feature, and speed/cadence sensors can't report it due to a protocol limitation.

If your head unit picks up the signal, but TrainerRoad does not, try moving your bike setup closer to your ANT+ USB stick. Sometimes a couple feet can make a big difference.



Wireless devices such as 2.4 GHz routers, wireless speakers and wireless mice may interfere with the ANT+ signal. ANT+ uses the 2.4 GHz band. Try moving any other wireless devices a couple of feet away.

If you suspect your router to be interfering, you can change your wireless channel.



Is something blocking the sensor? Try removing any physical obstructions between the sensor and the ANT+ device


Direct Line of Sight

Do your best to ensure that your computer has the most direct line of sight possible to your sensors. Simply put, the closer and more level your devices are to your ANT+ stick, the better readings you will get.



Disable Garmin ANT Agent/Express and any other software that can take over the ANT+ USB stick.


Computer battery setting

Some PC's have variable battery settings. If your battery is set to "balanced", your computer may not be allocating enough power to the USB ports for the ANT+ stick to work well. Switch your power-management setting to "high performance".


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Bluetooth Smart (4.0) Dropouts



Other wireless devices such as wireless speakers and keyboards can sometimes cause interference with your BT 4.0 devices. Try turning them off or moving them away from your setup.


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  • Avatar
    Matthew Polaine

    These are all good pieces of advice. Having had this problem, I would suggest the following checks (in order):
    1 - Replace battery in cadence/speed sensor. The Garmin combined ones are shipped new with batteries that are often 25%. They also use more power for both sensors.
    2 - Position the magnets as close as possible. A few mm can make all the different.
    3 - Re-sync your sender when a new battery is installed (the small button on the sender unit).
    4 - Extend the ANT+ with a decent USB cable, at least USB2.0. Over 3m will need a powered relay.
    5 - Turn off wifi. If you use wifi to connect for updating, turn off during session, then turn back on for workout sync.
    6 - Route all cables as far away from fan motors as possible. Fan motors emit rubbish EMI.
    7 - Position the ANT+ sender on the downtube near where shifters used to be years ago, away from Garmin head unit on handle bars. Sometimes putting the Garmin unit between sender and ANT+ dongle caused ANT+ channel problems.
    8 - Get a decent ANT+ dongle. They are not all the same. I have used a SUNTO one which has worked well for me.
    9 - Check the spoke magnet is the right way round. Magnet should be nearest sender arm.
    10 - Any other senders like TACX senders in near location may mess up the readings with double magnet 'hits'. If possible fit somewhere else on frame at least 40mm+ away.
    11 - If you PC starts downloading as OS update during a ride, it can muck up Trainer Road performance, especially if running a video at the same time. Turn off all background applications, Garmin Express, WiFi, open web browser windows etc.
    12 - Set power mode of PC to a custome setting like 'Trainer Road' and set it to be on all the time with no sleep modes and maximum performance.

    I hope this helps!


  • Avatar
    Giles Endicott

    If I use 5Ghz wifi instead of 2.4 Ghz, will it solve the problem?

  • Avatar
    Wil Morris

    FYI, I was experiencing consistent ANT+ signal loss between my Stages and Suunto Movestick Mini at a distance of 3ft, and the culprit was the stainless steel cart on which I set my laptop.

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