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No Power Readings

Are you new to TrainerRoad and your power isn't registering?  Here's a list of the most common problems and how to fix them.


Virtual Power Users

VirtualPower converts speed on the trainer into power.  For that to happen, we need to make sure we're getting speed readings from your device.

  1. Make sure you have an ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart speed or speed/cadence sensor paired under the devices tab in the desktop software. You can get our software here:

  2. Make sure your speed sensor is "awake" when pairing. So make sure the back wheel is spinning when you're trying to pair.

  3. Make sure you have a magnet on your rear wheel to register speed. Make sure that the magnet is close enough to the speed sensor to register.  This is the number one problem.

    Speed sensor magnets should pass close enough to the sensor to trigger a revolution, but not so close as to touch the sensor when it passes.  In other words make sure there is a small gap.

    Another way to check speed readings is to pair your speed/cadence sensor with another head unit like a Garmin 500.  If it reads on your Garmin (while indoors) but not in TrainerRoad then please contact us at

  4. If you're having problems pairing, make sure that the battery is semi new and that you don't have any other wireless interference. Here's some info about making sure your ANT+ is setup right.

  5. Under the devices tab make sure "Power Source" is set to your trainer.

If you still have problems, contact us at and we'll help you out.


Power Meter Users

If you have a power meter paired with TrainerRoad and you are not getting power readings then there are a couple things to check.

  1. Make sure VirtualPower is not enabled.
  2. Check to see if another head unit like a Garmin 500 will pick up your power readings.
  3. Check your power meter battery.  The older the battery the distance the wireless data will travel from your power meter.
  4. Get your ANT+ USB stick close to your power meter. This will rule out interference and half powered batteries


Still have a problem?

If you still have problems, contact us at to get things sorted out.

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  • Avatar
    Stan Gogev

    Hi Guys,

    Just started using TrainerRoad. Great software, but I noticed that it does not work well with Stages powermeter. I have Garmin Edge500 head unit, speed/cadence censor , ANT+ stick and a heart rate monitor. It looks like the all of the Garmin products are connecting well with your software, but the connection with tht Stages powermeter is bad. I changed the battery of the powermeter and disabled the Garmin Express plugin. The power numbers are erratic at best and the connection shows as "Bad". I have my laptop 3 feet away from my front wheel, plugged in a TV via HDMI cable. Please help me resolve the issue.


  • Avatar
    Marcos Hart

    I had this same problem. The only way I could resolve it was to remove the Garmin speed/cadence sensor.

  • Avatar
    Nate Pearson

    @Stan Are you still having that issue? Can you try updating your Stages firmware?

  • Avatar
    Stan Gogev

    Darden Mueller January 03, 2015 15:54
    Hey Stan,

    I'm thinking that a Bluetooth device in the vicinity may be interfering with the Stages connection. Since the Stages PM is bilingual it can use Bluetooth and ANT+

    How are you pairing your Stages PM via ANT+?

    Let's make sure you don't have any other Bluetooth devices on in the vicinity, iPhone, speakers, keyboards, ect.

    Does moving your computer closer to the bike give you a good connection?

    I'm sure we can figure out whats going on here. We just need some additional feedback from ya.


    Darden Mueller
    Customer Support

    Help Center | Facebook | Twitter

    Stan Gogev January 08, 2015 09:36
    Hi Darden,

    I made sure my iPhone is not close to my computer and purchased a 12" USB extension cable with Transfer Rate of 480 Mbps. Now I just place ANT+ stick under the chainrings and it works fine. However, there is a difference in the power reading numbers between TR and the Garmin Edge500 head unit. Do you think this difference is due to the length of the USB extension cable? What is the speed of ANT+ protocol data transmission (data transfer rate)? I could probably use a 9" or 6" long cable, but I am not sure if that will improve the number reading.



  • Avatar
    Stan Gogev


    I updated the firmware and now I have a 9" USB extension cable with Transfer Rate of 480 Mbps that i place under the BB. I still would like to know the speed of ANT+ protocol data transmission (data transfer rate).


  • Avatar
    Max Spiess

    Hi guys,

    I have a Tacx Bushido (last version, but not smart). All set, connected and paired. My problem is that TrainerRoad does not takeover control of the trainer resistance unit although they communicate and I do have a sort of reading from the device. The outcome is that the resistance remain loose and the power reading is wrong.

    From a point of view, the issue is not that bad and Mir makes me very proud and happy: yesterday I had performed a FPT test with a 860 watt FTP at an average of 111 rpm.... If this is true, you should record my name, I will become the new ciclyng star in the pro tour peloton!!!

    Thanks in advance for you your help


  • Avatar
    Rob Bradford

    Hey Max,

    If you are not using the Tacx Bushido smart, then we will not be able to control the resistance while you ride. Here are the two Bushido models that we can control the resistance for: Tacx Bushido Smart (Model # T2780) and Tacx Bushido Smart TDF (Model #T2300)

    With older versions of the Bushido you can use VirtualPower which it looks like you did on your 20 Minute Test. You do have a couple of slope options to choose from depending on what slope you have selected on your trainer. Make sure that the setting on your trainer and the setting in the app line up. I took a look at your ride and it looks like you changed the resistance settings 20 minutes into the test. Make sure that you do not change the resistance settings on the trainer once you select a setting in the app.

    If you would like to troubleshoot this more, would you mind sending in an email to


  • Avatar
    Brad Allen

    I have Garmin Edge 510 head unit, speed/cadence censor, heart rate monitor and ANT+ USB stick. TR is installed on my Macbook Pro running OS X 10.10.5 and iPhone iOS 10.1.1. Garmin devices and KICKER are pairing with TR on the MacPro after a bit of jiggling with the ANT+ USB (pull out/push in multiple times until the devices are picked up).

    My problem today was that the TR "Baxter" Workout wouldn't pick up or display on the MacPro screen the power readings from the KICKER or the HR. On the "devices" page of TR I could see that the devices were paired and their readings were shown but the workout screen was not showing the readings and therefore not recording them - some sort of disconnect between the workout and the devices???

    I did the workout on the iPhone but unfortunately only the power readings were recorded as the iPhone can't "see" the ANT+ Garmin devices.

    Any clues on a fix or is this a temporary aberration? Everything worked ok when I did the "Mount Field" workout this week.

    Cheers, Brad

  • Avatar
    Bryce Lewis

    Hey Brad,

    This is definitively something we can help troubleshoot, would you mind shooting us an email at This is the best way to handle the back and forth of troubleshooting and you will paired up with an agent right away.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Bryce Lewis

  • Avatar
    Dana Lit

    So I just purchased wahoo trainer, and bluetooth speakers to workout to. Is this possibly why my power is not reading halfway through my workout? That would be a huge fail if only one bluetooth device can work at a time with Trainer Road ?????

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