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Power Zones

We define Power zones as a percentage of Functional Threshold Power or FTP. They are based on the Dr. Andy Coggan's Power Based Training Levels. Joe Friel also defines similar zones.

You can manually set your FTP within the TrainerRoad app by clicking on the Profile tab:

Or you can do it on our website under your profile as shown here:
Regarding which assessment format is best for you, check out our article 20-Minute vs 8-Minute FTP Test for a detailed description of 2 different testing protocols and the pros and cons of each. 
Zones Defined
Power Zone Percent FTP
Active Recovery <55% FTP
Endurance 55% to 75%
Tempo 75% to 84%
Sweet Spot 84% to 95%
Threshold 95% to 105%
VO2 Max 105% to 120%
Anaerobic Capacity

120% to 1000%

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  • Avatar
    Erik Boone

    I guess I am a little confused. You're numbers are different that the links you posted. For example your LTHR zones are:
    Heart Rate Zone Percent of LTHR
    Active Recovery <68% LTHR
    Endurance 68% to 83%
    Tempo 83% to 94%
    Sweet Spot 94% to 95%
    Threshold 95% to 105%
    VO2Max 105% to 220 BPM

    But if you look at the Friel Guide, he uses:

    Zone 1 Less than 81% of LTHR
    Zone 2 81% to 89% of LTHR
    Zone 3 90% to 93% of LTHR
    Zone 4 94% to 99% of LTHR
    Zone 5a 100% to 102% of LTHR
    Zone 5b 103% to 106% of LTHR
    Zone 5c More than 106% of LTHR

    Why are you using a different scale? Is it about getting copyright permission? If so, I get that. However, could you add a feature where you could manually set your LTHR and FTP zones based off your testing? That way, I could match up Friel's numbers when looking on my past TR rides, since I use Friel's formulas on my Garmin when out on the road.

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    Kurt Kearcher

    I am trying to figure out the relationship between power and heart rate zones in the TrainerRoad calculations. At this time of year in northern USA, I am still trying to ride outside as much as possible and using heart rate with my workouts (I do not have a power meter on my bike), but I am also working out inside using InRide and TrainerRoad when the weather or daylight conditions require it.

    When using InRide and TrainerRoad, my wattage zones are always lower than my heart rate zones. An endurance workout looks like an endurance workout when measured by power zones but becomes an endurance/tempo workout when measured by heart rate zones. Frustrating.

  • Avatar
    Erik Boone

    Kurt, with indoor rides, you have to look at HR differently. Your HR will be elevated on an indoor ride due to the lack of air moving across your body to cool you. Unless you have some really huge fans going, you can not match the cooling effect of actually riding outside. So your HR will be elevated.

    I'm still curious why TR links to a blog of LTHR zones as defined by Friel, but uses a different range for their stuff. Seems that everyone uses the same Power Zone definitions, but not the LTHR zone definitions. Which is curious since Friel's recommendation is usually taken as gospel, yet no one uses his LTHR zone percentage calculations.

  • Avatar
    Ali Abbass

    Erik, you are quite right. I am pondering the same issue regarding the difference between in the LTHR zones as determined by Coggan vs Friel. I'm a novice rider following Traditional Base MidVolume I at the moment, and based on my reading, it is suggested to use LTHR over FTP. The issue is endurance zone 2 by Friel is essentially Tempo Zone 3 by Coggan. So when I train at say 85% of LTHR, what adaptations am I hitting (notwithstanding some overlap), those of aerobic endurance mostly or tempo. What do studies show. If anyone can help. I don't want to be in active recovery thinking I'm doing aerobic endurance :)

  • Avatar
    David Loszewski

    Has anyone found any answers on this? I'm also quite confused by these numbers since Friel's, Coggan's, etc does not match any of these numbers.

  • Avatar
    Erik Boone

    I use the Friel HR zones. It matches better with my power zones. For the most part, when I ride zone 2 power the zone 2 HR matches up for me. When on the trainer though, HR zones get all out of whack since HR climbs due to the lack of cooling. I have the Friel zones set up on my garmin to save and ignore the trainerroad data.

  • Avatar
    David Loszewski

    Thanks Eric, think I was speaking more in terms of power zones. TRainerroad has sweet spot as 84-95% but Coggan has this as tempo

  • Avatar
    Erik Boone

    Good point David. Never really compared the power zones between TR and Coggan. But now I see they are different as well. Now I need to pay more attention to what rides I choose. I thought they were the same.

  • Avatar
    Erik Boone
  • Avatar
    Nicolas Garschagen

    any further toughts on this? How dows the LTHR zones relates to Joe Friel Zones?

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