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Power Zones

We define Power zones as a percentage of Functional Threshold Power or FTP. They are based on the Dr. Andy Coggan's Power Based Training Levels. Joe Friel also defines similar zones.

You can manually set your FTP within the TrainerRoad app by clicking on the Profile tab:

Or you can do it on our website under your profile as shown here:
Regarding which assessment format is best for you, check out our article 20-Minute vs 8-Minute FTP Test for a detailed description of 2 different testing protocols and the pros and cons of each. 
Zones Defined
Power Zone Percent FTP
Active Recovery <55% FTP
Endurance 55% to 75%
Tempo 75% to 84%
Sweet Spot 84% to 95%
Threshold 95% to 105%
VO2 Max 105% to 120%
Anaerobic Capacity

120% to 1000%


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