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Following a Training Plan


Following a Training Plan (Online)

1. To pick a training plan simply navigate to a training plan and click the “Start Plan” button.




2. Once you’ve chosen your training plan and its start date, you’ll be directed back to your Career. There you will see your current week of training, Weekly Tips, an overall progress bar that displays the percentage of your plan you’ve completed and a link to view your full training plan.

Note for triathletes: If you’re following one of our triathlon training plans, your swim and run instructions will be included in your Weekly Tips. 



3. As you complete rides on TrainerRoad, we’ll automatically check them off of your plan. In the picture below you can see the rider is on Week 4 of General Build and has completed the first workout of the week.

Occasionally, you may need to manually "Assign" a ride to your training plan. Similarly, you may need to "Reset" a prescribed ride to be freed up for a different ride to be Assigned. This article shows how to do that. 



Following A Training Plan (Desktop)

 You can also start a Training plan directly though the desktop app.  Here's how:


1. Open up the TrainerRoad desktop app and navigate to the Training Plans tab.  



 2. Click on the the appropriate workout phase.  


3. Select the volume of the plan you would like to follow. 


4. Click the "Start Plan" Button to lock in your choice. 

Note: If you already have a plan in progress, clicking on Start Plan will open up a prompt asking if you'd like to change your plan.


5. Now you're good to go! As you complete rides on TrainerRoad, we’ll automatically check them off of your plan and your plan progress will automatically sync across all other TrainerRoad device platforms. 




Following a Training Plan (Mobile)

1. Open the TrainerRoad app and Navigate to the Plans tab. From here you can select one of the three phases you'd like to start a plan from.


2. Select the plan and volume you would like to follow. If you are in the Specialty phase, you'll have to select the event type first.


4. Tap the "Start Plan" button in order to lock in your choice. Note: If you are already following a plan, you will be asked if you want to replace your current plan with the new one you are selecting.



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