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How to Modify the MyPlan Calendar

Assigning a Ride to your Calendar


1.  Go to the TrainerRoad website and open up your Career 



2. Hover your mouse over the day you'd like to assign a workout and click the "Assign" button. 



3. Type in the name of the workout you'd like to assign.  



4. Click "Assign Ride"



5.  Congratulations, your ride has now been assigned! 


Unassigning a Ride

Sometimes you want to assign a ride but it has already been assigned somewhere else.  In that case, you'll need to "reset" the ride before you can assign it to it's proper place.  



In order to unassign a ride, simply hover your mouse over the ride and click the Reset button. 



Then, confirm that you'd like to reset the ride. 


Voila! Your ride has been reset and you can now assign it wherever you want. 



What if it says my ride is already assigned but I don't know where it is?   

This can sometimes happen - especially if you decide to deviate a little from the training plan.  For example, say you decide to ride Palisade on Thursday instead of Carson.   You try to assign Palisade but it's already assigned. 


In that case, chances are that you have a Palisade ride prescribed later in your plan and your ride was auto-assigned there.  To check this, open up the full view of your training plan. 



 Check to see if your ride is assigned anywhere else.  If so, go ahead "reset" it.



Now you can assign it as normal! 



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