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Importing a workout from BestBikeSplit

If you have ride that you've recorded on your head unit, or a route created through one of the many mapping applications, you can convert that file into a TrainerRoad workout. 

The third party application, BestBikeSplit, allows you to download a ride file (e.g., TCX, etc.) and export it as an ERG or TrainerRoad file type. Then, you can drag the file directly into the TrainerRoad Workout Creator, and your custom workout will be generated automatically. 


Importing a ride from BestBikeSplit to TrainerRoad 




Best Bike Split is a separate company from TrainerRoad, but we’re big fans of their app and what they do. If you'd like to learn more about how we utilize BestBikeSplit, check out our our blog post on How to Build a Race Day Pacing Plan .

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