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Garmin GSC-10 Speed/Cadence Sensor

The Garmin GSC-10 S/C Sensor is one of the most widely used speed/cadence combos on the market. It uses ANT+ communication protocol, and can therefore be used with TrainerRoad for speed, cadence, and VirtualPower readings.


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How to Pair Your GSC-10 Speed/Cadence Sensor with TrainerRoad (Mobile)

1. Open the app and navigate to the Device tab. Make sure you have ANT+ enabled and the sensor is in motion so as to enable pairing.



2. Tap on your Speed/Cadence to begin pairing. Once the border turns green, it is connected. You are now ready to ride!




How to Pair Your GSC-10 Speed/Cadence Sensor with TrainerRoad (Desktop)

1. Navigate to the Devices tab of the app and ensure you have ANT+ enabled.



2. Hover over and click on the ANT+ Speed/cadence device to begin pairing. Once the device is bordered in green it has successfully paired.




How to Pair Your GSC-10 Speed/Cadence Sensor with TrainerRoad (Legacy)

1. Open the TrainerRoad application, and go to the Devices tab.

If the list of ANT+ devices isn't showing on your screen, make sure your ANT+ stick is plugged into your computer and working properly.


2. Click the Speed and Cadence "Pair" button.

You will need to pair your GSC-10 as a speed and cadence sensor even if you're only using it for speed or cadence and not both.


3. Wait for your GSC-10 to pair with TrainerRoad.

You'll probably need to pedal to "wake up" your GSC-10.


4. Your GSC-10 is now paired!

Learn more about using VirtualPower with your GSC-10.


Check Your Magnet Placement

The most common problem with speed/cadence sensors is magnet placement. If you're not getting speed or cadence readings — or getting very low or very high readings — check the magnet placement on both your crank and your rear wheel.

You'll want the magnet to pass right next to the sensor, but not so close that it touches.

Battery Life

A weak battery may not be strong enough to communicate with TrainerRoad. Try replacing the battery for a better signal.

Pair with Another Head Unit

Try pairing your speed/cadence unit with another head unit like a Garmin 500. You'll want to see if both speed and cadence readings show up. Double check to make sure that your speed source is set to your speed sensor and not to GPS.


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