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Principles of Build Phase Training

During the second phase of training, the Build phase, each type of workout takes on a more event-specific homogeneity where greater emphasis is placed on escalating the weekly stress load via workouts that are more event-specific than what was encountered during the Base phase.

This is where increasingly event-specific types of training are emphasized with the intent to improve more particular, pertinent types of fitness while the more basic forms of fitness are mostly maintained. If you’re not training for a specific event, view this phase of training as the one in which the intent is to grow your Functional Threshold Power the most.

Not only does the Build phase allow athletes to heighten their level of training specificity, but it also brings their fitness to a point where middle-priority events can start to factor into their weekly training.

Takeaway: The aim of Build is not only to produce big gains in FTP but also to increase specificity as you get closer to your target event.

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