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Principles of Specialty Phase Training

During the Specialty Phase, the overall stress load declines slightly in order to restore a higher level of race preparedness. At the same time, the workouts shift their emphasis from building further fitness to honing the established fitness into its most event-specific forms.

This is where the workouts reach the height of their intensity, but each week’s training volume levels off and actually experiences a mild decline when compared to the Build phase. This becomes a delicate balance between workouts bent on truly testing an athlete’s event readiness while gradually trimming the overall training stress to a point where their best performances can be realized.

By subjecting athletes to the most unforgiving and challenging workout structures in the entire BBS cycle, balancing that abuse with an overall reduced training load, and eventually steering them to and through a peak-fitness taper, the Specialty phase aims squarely at top performances in the highest-priority events.


Takeaway:  Overall training volume will decrease while intensity increases to "sharpen the blade" of your fitness while still maintaining a level of freshness conducive to racing.

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