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Should I test in my Aero position?

When you test your FTP, the goal is to find the point where your muscles start producing more byproduct than they can effectively process.  In order to most closely estimate that value, we need to eliminate bottlenecks so that the true limiter is your body’s ability to work aerobically and process lactate.  This means proper air flow, humidity, temperature and also body positioning.  The only way to determine your true FTP is if you test in the position that allows you to reach your maximum potential - this may or may not be your aero position.

But I'll race in my aero position...

You do race in your aero position, and through structured, progressive training you will gradually and consistently bridge any gaps between your FTP in an upright position and your ability to express your FTP while in an aero position. Over time, you may even begin performing your FTP reassessments in your aero position, but this is all part of the process we call “aero adaptation”. Much like other physiological and even mental adaptations to training, adapting to your aero position is also a progressive process.

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