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Peaking for Multiple "A" Races

So you've prioritized which races are your highest priority races, or A races, for the season.  That's great!  Now let's figure out how your training will make sure that you're as fast as you can possibly be on those days.  When we prioritize our A races, they are often not spaced at ideal intervals.  The race schedule is dictated by race organizers, which does not always line up perfectly with your Training Schedule.  Not to worry though, we have plenty of options to maximize your performance for any length gaps

Scenario 1:  (Maintenance)  Race Series or Races with a 6-Week Gap or Less

In a scenario like this, your best option is going to be what we call a Peak Maintenance Phase.  What this means is that you will complete your full 28-week Base/Build/Specialty program right on the doorstep of your first A race.  After your A race, you will jump into the Peak Maintenance Phase where you will complete Weeks 7 and 8 of Specialty on repeat.  The purpose of this Phase is to keep your training volume and stress rather low while maintaining the "snap" your legs need for optimal performance.  This Phase can be repeated for a maximum of 8 Weeks if necessary for the weekly race series, however any longer and you will not be able to maintain peak performance.

Scenario 2:   (Rebuild)  Races Spaced 7-16 Weeks Apart

In this scenario, upon completion of your Specialty phase, you will backstep in your plan as far as you can and pick up there. This is what we call a Re-Build, but in some cases, you will only have time for a partial Re-Build.

  • If you have 7 weeks until your next event, you will pick up on Specialty Week 2.
  • If you have 12 Weeks until your next event, you will pick up on Build Week 5.
  • If you have 16 Weeks until your next event, you will pick up on Build Week 1.
  • If you have 22 Weeks until your next event, you will pick up on Base II Week 1.
  • Etc. 

Takeaway:  For a season with multiple A races, you will adjust your training plan with either a Re-Build or a Maintenance Phase.  Which option you choose will be a function of how much time you have between your A events.

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