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FTP: Frequency of Testing

FTP is the benchmark that we use to customize your workouts to your current fitness level.  As you train and get faster, your FTP increases, and it is important that the FTP set in TrainerRoad represents that increase.  This is why testing is so important:  it allows you to quantify your improvements and scale your workouts appropriately.  That being said, FTP testing is hard on you both physically and mentally.  Anytime you push yourself to your physical limits, you put considerable stress on your body.  So what's the right balance?


We recommend testing every four to six weeks depending on the training plan you’re undertaking. This usually allows your body enough time to adapt to your training and make measurable improvements. If you follow our training plans, we have strategically prescribed FTP tests within each plan to make sure that you are testing at proper intervals.

Manual increase 

Another thing to consider is that you don’t have to wait for a scheduled assessment to alter your FTP. Small, weekly adjustments to the Workout Intensity or even your FTP are encouraged if you’re feeling under-challenged during each workout.

Ideally, you'll utilize some combination of both formal testing and manual increases to maintain an appropriate FTP as this is probably the most thorough way to measure progress. By using both, you'll constantly be pushing yourself in addition to having repeatable, measurable tests to get some hard numbers.

Takeaway:  Test every 4-6 weeks, but don't be afraid to bump up the numbers if your workouts are too easy.

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