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Fixing Video Drop-In Problems

Having an issue with a video workout? Start with this article for some troubleshooting tips that deal with a few common situations.

You dropped in the video but it doesn't seem to be loaded or only audio plays

This could be one of two things:

1. The video could be in the wrong format. Check out this example where we convert "Local Hero" to play in TrainerRoad.

2. The video might be stored on a shared or external drive. The drag-and-drop feature doesn't work for videos that aren't on a local drive. Just move the video to the local drive or browse to the video using the browse button and you'll be good to go.

The video is out of sync from the workout

Check if the video is synced correctly by jumping to parts of the workout to see if the interval timing is correct. If it is, the video may be playing too slow or too fast.

To fix this, try playing the video in an external player. If the intervals are all out of sync, your video may have different timing (however this is pretty rare). If you think this might be the case, shoot us an email at

The wrong video was dropped in, or you want to remove the video

Option #1: Replace the video by Browsing

There's no way of deleting a video from a workout directly within the app once it is dropped in, so you need to replace the incorrect video. To do so, open the workout, click "Browse" (screenshot below), and then select the correct video. The incorrect video will be replaced when you open the correct one.

Option #2: Move the file on the hard disk

If you move the incorrect video in your hard disk, TrainerRoad won't find the file when you open the workout and will prompt you to drop in a new one. To do this, move the video file from where it currently is to a new location. For example, move the file from your Downloads folder to a new folder (e.g. TR Videos). This will successfully remove the video from the workout, but is also a great way to consolidate and organize your videos.

Option #3: Resync workouts

Resyncing your workouts from the Info tab in the app will remove all video links you currently have synced. To do so, open the app, go to the Info tab, and select "Resync Workouts" (screenshot below).


Unable to drop videos into a workout

If you are unable to drop in videos, resync your workouts in the Info tab.

Still having video problems?

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