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Getting the Best Video Performance

If you're experiencing video lag or choppy video resolution, your computer's processing power may be the reason to blame. This article provides a couple workarounds if you find yourself running into this issue.

Walkthrough Video

Improving Video Performance

Unless you plan on buying a new computer with more processing power, your best option to improve your video performance is to use an alternative player.

We recommend using one of the following players:

VLC (Mac or Windows)

Windows Media Player (Windows)

Quicktime (Mac or Windows)

After downloading an alternative player, follow these steps:

1. Turn off auto play/pause with cadence. You can do this in the Profile tab in the application.

2. Open the workout, and place TrainerRoad it in horizontal mode.

3. Open the video in the other media player, and position the windows so you can see the video and workout.

4. Press play on the workout. Wait for the countdown timer to get to 1, and press play in the media player.

5. Hop on your bike and start riding!

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