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Editing Your Team's Administrators

For now, team administrators are the only members of a team that can add new workouts to the team's workout library. If you'd like to make a teammember an admin, follow these steps.

Managing Team Administrators

Step 1: Go to the section labeled "Administration"

Here is a close-up view of the Admin section:


Step 2: Select "Manage Members"

This will display a list of your members and their status under the "Permissions" column. The screenshot below illustrates that the member is not yet an admin of this team.


Step 3: Select "Edit"


Step 4: Check the "Admin" box and "Save Changes"

The member will now show up as an Admin in the "Members" list.

Team Administrator Abilities

  • Can manage team members
  • Can manage team administrators
  • Access to team's account settings
  • Can add and share custom-created workouts with team

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