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Using Videos with TrainerRoad

TrainerRoad offers a number of workouts that correspond and sync with videos created by third parties. You can drag and drop MP4-formatted videos into various workouts to add a new dimension to the way you train indoors.

Third-Party Video Providers


Real Rides




Ride Fit

Endurance Films








1. Use the search bar to find the workout with the corresponding video.


2. Once you have selected a workout that works with video, you'll be prompted to drop the video into the workout.


3. You can search for your computer for the video with the browse option. If you already have an open window with the video in a file, you can drag and drop the video into the workout.


4. The workout will now be synced with the video. Pushing play will start the workout and the video. You can now watch the workout video as well as view your power charts during the ride.


If you're experiencing any issues, learn how to troubleshoot video workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. I don't have the MP4 file for the workout, but I do have the DVD. Can I use the DVD with TrainerRoad?

Absolutely! You won't be able to drop the video into the TrainerRoad workout as you would the MP4 file, but you can still get use out of your DVD.

  1. Open the DVD in an external media player (e.g. Windows Media Player, Quicktime) and open the corresponding workout in TrainerRoad.
  2. Hit the Play button in TrainerRoad first.
  3. Wait for the TrainerRoad countdown timer to reach "1", and hit play on the DVD so the video and your workout are synced together.
  4. Get riding!

2. Do I have to pay extra to use the video workouts with TrainerRoad?

You will need to purchase the videos through the third-party providers, but using them with TrainerRoad doesn't cost you anything extra. All workouts are included in the price of your membership.

3. Am I able to ride the video workouts in TrainerRoad if I have not purchased the video to drop in?

Yes! All workouts are included in the price of your membership, so any active member of TrainerRoad can ride the video workouts without the video dropped in. It may be a little less exciting, but you're still guaranteed a great workout. :)


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