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TrainerRoad Companion Application

The TrainerRoad Companion app runs alongside the main TrainerRoad app on your computer. Two athletes can train at the same time on the same computer using their own TrainerRoad accounts.

When more than one TrainerRoad account is used on the same computer, you face the chance of accidentally completing a workout for the wrong profile. With the TrainerRoad Companion app, this is less likely to happen.

Note: The TrainerRoad Companion application is only available in conjunction with our Legacy desktop application.  The good news is you can have both the Legacy and new desktop applications at the same time!

Download TrainerRoad Companion

TrainerRoad Companion for Windows

TrainerRoad Companion for Mac

Can I use the Companion app with video workouts?

You can indeed! Just make sure you have a group-licensed version of the video to avoid any copyright issues. You're also going to want a computer with some horsepower to run two applications using video. If the TrainerRoad player can’t play the video smoothly, try using a third-party video player and running TrainerRoad for both athletes in Horizontal Mode.

Do we both have to do the same workout?

Nope. You'll choose your workouts separately when getting set up, so that's when you'll decide whether or not you'd both like to do the same workout.


How many riders does this support?

The TrainerRoad Companion app allows for two athletes to train at the same time.

Can we both use the same TrainerRoad account?

You'll each need your own TrainerRoad membership to use the Companion app. If you try to login with the same account, your session will stop and you may have to force quit the programs.

Do I need two ANT+ sticks?

If both athletes are using ANT+ devices to train, you will indeed need two ANT sticks. Each person pairs their devices on the devices tab. The easiest way to do this is one person at a time. Once one person’s devices are paired they will be remembered in that player for that user until the unpair button is pressed or the searching is cancelled for a device.

Do I need two Bluetooth 4.0 USB sticks?

Mac: Nope! Bluetooth uses a shared interface managed by the Mac operating system, allowing you each to use Bluetooth devices of your choice.

PC: Unfortunately, it's not possible to run the Companion app on Windows machines through Bluetooth. We don't support Bluetooth in the same way on Windows computers. Thus, the Bluetooth connectivity cannot be split two ways on Windows.

Set-Up Tips

  • Pair your devices one person at a time. Once they're paired, you shouldn't experience any confusion between devices. 
  • Use the main player to play and pause the workouts for both athletes.
  • If you accidentally pause the companion version and the two get out of sync, just pause both versions and adjust the workout to the same time and play the workout from the main version.
  • Turn off the auto pause feature for both apps, as well as interval beeps in the Companion app.
  • If you have two computrainers, you'll need to set at least one of the ports manually. Just click on the 3 dots below "DEVICE" and enter the port that the CT is on. i.e. COM3 (Windows) or /dev/usbserial1 (Mac). The port should be saved with your user account until the computrainer is unpaired.

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