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How do I Delete a Workout?

Athletes can delete unwanted workouts from within the TrainerRoad app or within their Online Career.

Deleting From your Online Career

There are two ways to delete a workout from your Online Career:

  1. Delete the ride from The Ride Details Page for a specific ride
  2. Delete the ride from The Calendar

Deleting a ride from The Ride Details Page

1. Select the ride you wish to delete from your list of past rides that can be accessed from your Online Career.

2. Select the ellipsis (...) on the right side of the page.

3. Select "Delete" from the drop down menu.


The workout will now disappear from both your local application and your online Career Page.

Deleting a ride from The Calendar

1. Access your calendar from your Online Career.

2. Hover over the activity you wish to delete.

3. Select the red trash icon to delete the activity.


You can also delete an activity by clicking into the day for that activity on The Calendar.


Deleting From the Apps

1. Open the "Career" tab within the TrainerRoad application and select the workout you wish to delete.

2. Move your cursor to the right-hand side of the workout's thumbnail and click.

3. Select "Delete" in the list of options, or select the trash can icon (if on the legacy app).  

Desktop App


Mobile App


Legacy App


The workout will now disappear from both your local application and your online Career page.

The delete feature should sync over from the website to all of our other apps. You may need to refresh the app in order to see the change.

An alternative way to do this is by logging out of the app and logging back in. Once you do that, your workouts list will refresh and your deleted ride should no longer show up in your Career.

If you're experiencing trouble deleting a workout, shoot us an email at support@trainerroad.com!

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