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What do I need to know about the TR Android app?

TrainerRoad is now available on Android devices! You can download the app in the Google Play store here.

The official TrainerRoad app for Android fully supports the following features:

  • Search full library of interval workouts.
  • Train without a power meter with VirtualPower®.
  • Control your smart trainer with PowerMatch.
  • Connect your training devices via Bluetooth Smart and ANT+.
  • Find and follow training plans from your Android device.
  • Visualize your training progress and more.
  • Filter workouts by power zone, duration and intensity.  

How TrainerRoad Works with Android

You can use the Android app via Bluetooth Smart or one of two ANT protocols: ANT+ and ANT+ FE-C. Some Android devices are ANT+ compatible on their own, but you may need to install ANT plugins from the Google Play store before they’re ready to use.

Other devices may require an ANT+ dongle. Fortunately, some of these devices work with existing ANT+ USB dongles from your computer and an additional USB-C or phone-specific USB adapter. We know this ANT+ USB stick works well.

To find out more about your specific device's ANT+ compatibility and more about the ANT+ communication protocol, check out ANT+'s page, ANT+ In Phones and Tablets

Given the various ways the Android app communicates via ANT+, some devices may have stronger ANT+ signals than others. If you’re having difficulty using a native ANT+ device, you may need an adapter to train normally.

Compatible Android Devices

TrainerRoad’s Android app works with phones and tablets running Android 5 Lollipop and higher.

Supported Training Devices

The Android app supports most ANT+, ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth Smart power meters, smart trainers, speed/cadence sensors and heart-rate monitors. We’re currently developing support for the following training devices:

  • Kinetic Smart Control

*Please note, TrainerRoad will not be adding support for the ANT PowerBeam Pro as it uses a proprietary ANT communication protocol that differs from ANT+. 

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