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My Training Plan Disappeared in the App! What Happened to My Training Plan?

Yikes! Opening the TrainerRoad app only to see that your current Training Plan has disappeared is, very understandably, a big surprise. Rest assured, this is all part of a transition to a much, much better way to plan and track your training called, Calendar.

So, worry not! Evidence of your hard work has not been lost!

Your Training Plan is easy to reinstate. Here's how to do it:

The first time you navigate to your online Calendar, you'll see a pop up that contains some general tips for using the new Calendar. As you click all the way through this pop-up, you'll see a prompt to add your old training plan to your new Calendar.

You’ll only have to do this once, and from then on, you can seamlessly add all plans directly in Calendar.

Keep in mind that this pop-up will only show up the first time you open Calendar. If you happen to close out of it before adding your training plan, you'll need to take separate steps to set things up. Take a look at this article to add your current training plan to your Calendar: How to Add Your Current Training Plan to Calendar

What Do I Do if I Already Closed Out of the Pop-Up?

If you close out of the pop-up, you will need to add your current training plan manually. Follow the screenshots below for instructions on how to add your current training plan.

Keep in mind that the starting date of the current week you are in today needs to fall within the total number of weeks the plan is. In other words, if your training plan is 8 weeks long, your training plan 'start date' cannot exceed 8 weeks from the current week you are in today.

How to Manually Add Your Plan

Determine which week of your training plan you're currently in. You can reference your calendar and the training plan you're following from this page to confirm which week you're in: Training Plans. You can also look at the exact start date from your 'Past Rides page'.

From the Calendar, count back the number of weeks to the starting week of your plan.

In the example, the rider is in Week 3 of their Cyclocross Specialty plan. The week they are currently in while adding their plan is the week of 9/24/2018. They will need to count back two weeks to the week of 9/10/2018 and select that day.






The ability to move the 'Plan Start' annotation is being worked on the day this post is published (9/27/2018). This post will be updated when it is released, and you will be able to move that annotation to the proper date (9/10/2018 in the example above).

Why Has This Change Taken Place?

Calendar will behave similarly to the old training plan view, but athletes will have much, much more robust tools for planning their workouts and events. You can still follow one of our training plans, but now you can also select the days of the week that you want to ride, schedule other workouts (i.e. run and swims if your a triathlete), and add annotations indicating disruptions in your training schedule (e.g. sickness, vacation, etc...).

Why Didn't You Include My Old Plan in the New Calendar?

Only a small percentage of TrainerRoad users follow plans exactly as prescribed. Of course, this is to be expected, and it's one of the big reasons why we created Calendar in the first place!

Unfortunately, this meant there was no clean way of moving a user's completed workouts to an assigned plan since we, in most cases, couldn't match up workouts with the structure of a plan.

We're really sorry about the hassle during this transition, but we're really confident that once riders get going with Calendar, they'll never look back at the old way of doing things. :-)

For more information on Calendar, check out the full Help Center section for Calendar. 

What About the Mac App? How Do I Start a Workout in My Current Plan From Mac?

Update on the status of the Mac App from 5:30PM on Friday, September 28th, 2018:

The Mac app is now updated with the release mentioned in this forum post: Calendar Mac Update

This is version 2018.39.0.82863

From the Calendar tab of the Mac app, you will see TrainerRoad workouts that were completed in the last 5 days and your next 5 planned TrainerRoad workouts based on what's on your Calendar.


Update on the status of the Mac App from 2:30PM on Thursday, September 27th, 2018:

"I wanted to share an update on the status of Mac and Calendar. Based on feedback in this forum, we made a mistake releasing it with the link to “view your calendar” online. That made a lot of people mad.

I’ve talked with engineers and they are doing an MVP (minimal viable product) for Mac where you will see your next planned workouts (going back 5 days and moving forward) as a list of workouts under the “calendar section”.

It will scroll to your current day and you can just click on it and go. Our most senior app engineer is working on it and he said he will get this done tonight. Tomorrow morning we will test it first thing and release straight to production. Of course, we could run into an issue, but we’re going to do our best to get this fixed.

We will then do small releases to make the Mac app inline with our Windows desktop app.

I’m sorry about this, I misjudged and I made a bad decision about launching Mac without the same level of calendar support that is on Windows.

I hope we can turn this around fast and win back some of the people we made very angry.

I’m sorry everyone, for our future releases we won’t have something like this happen again.

-Nate Pearson
CEO & Co-Founder"

Prior Information Regarding Mac

When we release a new feature, we absolutely want the feature to be experienced in the best possible way for users on all platforms of our application. Our Mac desktop application is not yet to that point.

Of course, getting Calendar in Mac is currently our top priority.

In the meantime, Mac users can make the most out of Calendar through its online function. If you do most of your workouts on a Mac laptop or desktop, go ahead and add your plan to your online calendar. 

You'll then see what workouts you've completed and what workouts you have coming up.

For now, you'll want to look at your upcoming workout on your online calendar, and then search for that workout in the application.

Alternatively, if you have the TR application on another device (iOS, Android, or PC), you can start using Calendar with full, in-app functionality now.

We're really sorry about the necessary workaround at the moment, but again, we'll have Calendar for Mac out as soon as we can!

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