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Search for Intervals Based on Power Output

Ever wonder how many times you rode at VO2 max or how many parts of your ride were spent recovering? You can easily analyze data such as this by using our interval search feature. When viewing a ride, you can search for certain intervals at any given power output for any duration. 

The example below shows how many times this rider averaged 220w for 15 minutes over the course of their five hour ride. 




Add an Interval

You can easily add one of the intervals you searched for by selecting the "+" symbol on the left hand side. When you decide to add an interval, you'll be prompted with an opportunity to name it. The start and end times will populate automatically.  


Searching an Interval from the Graph

You can also search an interval directly off of the ride graph. Simply highlight a portion of the ride that you want to search for then select "Find Intervals" above your selection. This will search the entire ride for intervals that have the same duration and power. 

This example below will search for intervals that are 11 minutes and 30 seconds long at an average power of 235. 



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