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How to Use Dropbox to Download Your Ride as a .TCX File

TrainerRoad offers users the option to stay connected with their favorite 3rd party applications in order to share their rides with friends and allow them greater access to their ride data. Through Ride Sync, users can connect to Strava, Garmin Connect, TrainingPeaks, and Dropbox. By enabling Ride Sync for any of these applications, completed rides will be automatically uploaded to the corresponding account.

That being said, some users may want to directly upload a file to their application of choice. Currently, TrainerRoad will only allow for rides to be saved in a .FIT file format when downloaded directly from the Ride Details page on the TrainerRoad website.

Users that want to make use of a .TCX file to upload to 3rd party applications can do so by pulling that ride file from their Dropbox account that they have connected via Ride Sync.

How to connect Dropbox to TrainerRoad via Ride Sync

  1. Go to the Dropbox website to set up an account if you haven't already. Don't worry, it's free!
  2. Once you have Dropbox set up on your computer, go to the TrainerRoad website.
  3. On the left-hand side of your Career page, you'll see an option that says Account. Click on that.
  4. Once you've navigated to your Account page, you'll see an option under Profile that says Ride Sync. Go ahead and select that.
  5. Under Ride Sync, you'll see the option to connect to Dropbox. After you click Connect, it will ask you to accept the terms and conditions. Once you accept, your Dropbox will be connected to TrainerRoad via Ride Sync.


Moving forward, rides that you complete will now be uploaded to your Dropbox in a .TCX file format. To be able to download the .TCX file for an older ride, you will just need to push that ride's data to Dropbox.

Here are the steps to download .TCX files for old rides:

  1. On the TrainerRoad website, under Career you'll want to select Past Rides.
  2. Once you're viewing your Past Rides, navigate to the Ride Details page for the ride that you want to create a .TCX file for.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a set of icons of the current 3rd party applications we have available through Ride Sync.
  4. Click on the Dropbox icon and your ride will be pushed to your Dropbox as a .TCX file!


Once your file has been successfully pushed, the small green dot in the top-right corner of the Dropbox icon will blink before becoming solid to indicate that the sync is complete.

Now you can simply use your File Explorer (which will create a Dropbox file) or the Dropbox website to navigate to the TrainerRoad folder in your Dropbox. Within that folder, you'll find the .TCX file of the ride you uploaded.

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