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TrainingPeaks Coaching Accounts Don't Sync with TrainerRoad

TrainingPeaks coaching accounts can't be used with TrainerRoad's Ride Sync feature.

In order for your rides to properly sync from TrainerRoad to TrainingPeaks, disconnect your TrainingPeaks account from TrainerRoad, and reconnect to TR with your TrainingPeaks athlete profile.

How to reconnect to your TrainingPeaks athlete profile:

1. Log in to your online TrainerRoad career and access your Ride Sync settings.

2. Disconnect your TrainingPeaks coaching account from TrainerRoad.

3. Reconnect your TrainingPeaks athlete profile to TrainerRoad.


1. From your online TrainerRoad Career, select "Account". From here, select "Ride Sync" under the Profile navigation menu.



2. Disconnect your TrainingPeaks coaching account from TrainerRoad, and reconnect your TrainingPeaks athlete profile.




3. Reauthorize with your athlete profile credentials.



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