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Enduro Training

Enduro is much like downhill racing in that the timed stages start at the top of the mountain and finish at the bottom, however, in an enduro race the racers then have to pedal that same bike back up to the top for the next stage. This requires racers to have the ability to go anaerobic over and over again on the downhills while still having the endurance to pedal a bike for a 4+ hour day. Not to mention, you need to be able to ride fluidly and confidently while in a deeply fatigued state.

There are two options for Enduro Training – One for those with past racing or structured training experience, and another for those new to racing and structured training.

New Racers

If your biggest concern is having the energy necessary to finish the day strong, this is the best option.

Optimal Training Approach:

Base: Sweet Spot Base I&II   

Build:  General Build

Specialty: Cyclocross 


Experienced Racers

If you are experienced in enduro racing and structured training, it is likely your goal is a higher finish, rather than just completing the day. If you fall into this category, this is your best approach.

Optimal Training Approach:

Base: Sweet Spot Base I&II   

Build: Short Power Build

Specialty: Cyclocross or Gravity


You may notice that you have two options for the Specialty Phase. Here's how to pick which one is best for you:

Gravity: Select this plan if you feel that your "snap" out of corners is lacking. This plan aims to increase your absolute power, also known as your sprint power. If you think your sprint is lacking, then Gravity is for you.

Cyclocross: Select this plan if you feel that your repeatability is your race limiter. Do you have a great "snap", but find your legs heavy and lackluster toward the end of the stage? Then Cyclocross Specialty is for you.

Not quite the perfect fit?

Downhill Training: If you're the type to take the lift up for a single run down the mountain, then check out our Downhill Training article.


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