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Cyclocross Training

Cyclocross racing takes place on a closed course with mixed surfaces and often in inclement weather. It's a short and intense race with many different natural and man-made obstacles such as stair run-ups, muddy off-camber sections, flyovers, barriers, sand pits, and much more. This type of racing pushes racers to their limit for the duration of the race, and skills such as cornering, mount/remounting, and running are crucial for conserving your energy for the right moment.  

Cyclocross races are typically between 30-60 minutes, depending on category, and the courses tend to be around 2 miles across multiple surfaces including grass, pavement, or rugged dirt trails.  

This type of racing is very similar to criterium racing in that you will be operating at your physical limit for the whole race. Your ability to go deep into the anaerobic zone, and then recover in a short period of time, is fundamental for your success as a cyclocross racer.

Optimal Training Approach

Base: Sweet Spot Base I&II   

Build:  Short Power Build

Specialty: Cyclocross Specialty


Pre Race Nutrition

Deep Dive Katarina Nash

Deep Dive Courtenay McFadden / Cody Kaiser

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