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How to Enable Early Access for Adaptive Training

Athletes can enable Early Access features from the Account section of the TrainerRoad website.

Early Access features allow athletes to test new features before they've been officially launched. These features have been thoroughly tested, but you may still encounter bugs.

As of September 15th 2021, new subscribers will have Early Access to Adaptive Training automatically enabled. If you're a returning subscriber, you'll need to follow the steps below to enable Early Access for Adaptive Training.

How to Enable Early Access Features

Step 1. After logging in to the TrainerRoad website, select the Account section from the left-hand navigation menu

Step 2. Select Early Access under your Profile options

Step 3. Select Enable for the feature you'd like to help us test. Voila! You're in. 


How to Enable Early Access for Adaptive Training

After selecting Enabled under the Adaptive Training section of the Early Access page, you need to select Set Up Adaptive Training. If you don't follow this step, the feature isn't enabled properly.


If you're already following a training plan, select Create New Plan to use Adaptive Training to create a new plan based on your recent training.

You can also keep your current plan, and Adaptive Training will be applied as you progress from your current plan.


If you don't have a training plan, you can create a custom plan with Adaptive Training by selecting Build a Plan. You can also skip this step for now.


How to Leave Feedback on Early Access Features

From the Early Access section of the website, select the Leave Feedback icon to send us feedback on the feature. We'll also ask you for feedback after you've disabled an Early Access feature. We appreciate your feedback and for helping us out!


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