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What's New?

With the release of Adaptive Training, you may notice some differences. This article breaks down what's changed to make sure you know how to get around.

Adaptive Training for Everyone

All TrainerRoad athletes now have Adaptive Training enabled to their account. For an overview of all the individual features of Adaptive Training, check this article out.

New Career Page

The Career page is redesigned on the website and in the apps. Let's take a tour.

On the web:


On the apps:



Drill into the Career Page changes

Training Stress Chart Changes

The Training Stress Chart display is now minimized to the graph alone. The entire Training Stress Chart can now be viewed by clicking into the sub-nav or View Training Stress on the graph.


Training Plan Details

You are now able to control your training plan details from the Career page. You'll see your plan details along with your current training phase. Click the ellipsis (...) to edit your plan name or delete the plan.


Progression Levels

Progression Levels — a key feature of Adaptive Training — now live on your Career page to provide an understanding of your fitness across power zones.

Check out this article for a detailed look into Progression Levels.


Current Training Week

Get a quick glimpse of your workouts from the current week directly from the Career page. Select View Calendar to jump to the current week on the main Calendar page.


Scheduled Events

Have events scheduled for the season? You'll now find a list of all A, B, and C events listed. Click into any event to jump to that event on the Calendar page of the site.


Recent Workouts

A list of your 5 most recent rides are now displayed along with ride details, survey response, and how that workout affected your Progression Levels. Drill into an individual ride or click View Recent Workouts to jump to a list of all past rides.



TrainNow now lives in its own section in the navigation. You'll find TrainNow easily accessible under the Calendar tab of the app and website.




Adaptive non-Plan Builder Training Plans

Non-Plan Builder training plans will receive adaptations just like Plan Builder plans will. Before you add a training plan to your account, your current Progression Levels are considered and the workouts are automatically adapted to your current abilities.

In other words, the training plans will look differently for you than they will for me based on the differences in our Progression Levels.

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