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Nate Pearson November 05, 2012 6 Troubleshooting / Common Problems

Are you new to TrainerRoad and is power not registering?  Here's a list of the most common problems and how to fix them.

1) Make sure you have an ANT+ speed or speed/cadence sensor paired under the devices tab in the desktop software. You can get our software here: www.trainerroad.com/install

2) Make sure your speed sensor is "awake" when pairing. So make sure the back wheel is spinning when you're trying to pair.

3 Make sure you have a magnet on your rear wheel to register speed. Make sure that magnet is close enough to the speed sensor to register.  This is the number one problem.

4) If you're having problems pairing, make sure that the battery is semi new and that you don't have any other wireless interference. Here's some info about getting the best ANT signal possible: http://support.trainerroad.com/entries/20610462-how-do-i-get-the-be...

5) Under the devices tab make sure "Power Source" is set to your trainer.

If you still have problems, contact us at support@trainerroad.com and we'll help you.


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