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Using Entertainment with TrainerRoad


TrainerRoad lets you choose your own entertainment while you train. This means that you can do your workout while watching your favorite show on Netflix, catching a new film on HBO Max or jamming out to the hottest new playlists on Spotify. Whatever entertainment you’d like to use while you train, you can use it with TrainerRoad.  

By giving you the freedom to choose your own entertainment, we’re able to focus on what we do best: making you a faster cyclist. Here’s how to set up your entertainment before you start your workout.

You're welcome to use whatever entertainment you choose with any of our apps. However, with mobile apps, you'll need to play your entertainment on another screen. Here's how to use entertainment alongside TrainerRoad's desktop apps. 

Using TrainerRoad desktop app with Netflix, Hulu, or other media player

1. Open TrainerRoad and load your workout.

2. Place TrainerRoad in Minimal Mode.


3. Open Netflix, Hulu, or other media player, and position the windows so you can see the video and workout.


4. Place video in full screen mode by tapping the "f" key on your keyboard or by selecting the full screen icon on the video player.  Hit Start Workout on the TrainerRoad screen and you're ready to go! 


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