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Missed Workouts! What Do I Do?

In an ideal world, everything would go perfectly and we would never have to miss a day.  However, in the real world, there are sicknesses, work trips, and vacations that all have the opportunity to negatively impact your training.  Here are some guidelines that can help keep your training on the rails.

Things to consider:

When we spend time off the bike, we can have stressful or relaxing hiatus.  The type of hiatus will have an effect on the alterations we will make on your training program


This category includes illness, stressful work trips, and active/ non-relaxing vacations.  These activities do not allow for recovery, but rather they simply substitute training stress for a different and less productive type of stress.


These types of times away from the bike allow for extended periods of recovery, which is an essential part of the training process.  While different from the standard training progression, you can still take advantage of this extra recovery to "front-load" your training stress.  By doing a large amount of stress before a relaxing week off the bike, it allows you to make the most of your time off the bike by dedicating it to recovery and physical adaptation.


Missed 1-2 Days

Don't stress it!  1-2 missed workouts won't have a huge effect on your training, so simply "skip" those workouts in your plan, but make sure to prioritize workout quality and get your HIT workouts done before any other less intense workouts.

Missed 7-10 Days

  • If: Your missed week falls on a Rest Week
  • Then:  As long as you spent your time off the bike doing low-stress activities, you can "count" your time off the bike as your recovery week
  • If:  Your missed week falls on a work week
  • Then:  Simply jump back in where you left off

Missed > 10 Days

In this case, we assume that you lose fitness about as quickly as you gain it.  So if you missed two weeks of training, then you would back-step two weeks in the plan and pick up there.

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