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Too Much Time!

So you have more than 28 weeks between now and your event and you want to know how best to fill your extra time.  What a great problem to have :)

Here’s how to make the most of your season:

Option 1:  Add in some Traditional Base

This option works especially well in situations where you are coming off of a long training stint.  This approach can add up to 12 weeks to your total training plan.  By doing Traditional Base before jumping into Sweet Spot Base, it allows you the chance to take a break from the intensity and let your body recover to a certain degree.  In addition, this slow and steady work will help build an even bigger base which will help you elevate to even higher levels of fitness in the coming season.

Option 2:  Add an extra Base and Build block

In this case, your training progression will look like this: Base/Build/Base/Build/Specialty

This approach will increase the length of your season by 14-20 weeks.  If you only want to extend by 14 weeks, you will only do the second half of SSB the second time through.  One possibility with this plan is to address two different components of fitness through your two Build phases.  For example, the first Build phase you could choose to address a weakness or limiter while your goal events are further away.  Then, the second time through you should choose a plan more tailored to the general demands of your event.  

Takeaway: Depending on a few factors such as time and desired intensity, you will want to either do some Traditional Base before starting SSB. or add an extra block of Base/Build to extend your training plan.

Podcast Discussion:

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