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Weekend Workout Modifications

It’s a beautiful day outside and you just can't stand the thought of staying inside on the trainer.  Or maybe there's a Race Ride or a B/C Race over the weekend.  Here's how to take advantage of those opportunities while keeping your training on track.

Outdoor Substitutions

In the Week Tips of each mid- and high-volume week's training, there is a note that gives recommendations of long endurance outdoor work that roughly equates to the stress of the prescribed workout, but shifts the workout demands to a far more aerobic nature.  This substitution will tend to be longer in duration but lower in intensity to maintain the proper overall stress for the week.

B/C Race or Race Ride

Weekends usually include a longer than usual HIT workout (followed by a lower-intensity workout on Sunday in mid and high-vol), so swapping an event for one of these workouts is ideal assuming it's at least as stressful as the scheduled workout.


Podcast Discussion:

[31:39] Podcast 96:  Increasing Weekend TSS®

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