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Base/Build/Specialty Overview

Traditional Periodization

Every TrainerRoad training plan has been designed around what’s known as traditional periodization. Traditional periodization divides your season into distinct phases with the purpose of dedicating each phase to specific goals. By following a logical pattern, each phase ultimately leads to a specific set of adaptations upon which achieving peak fitness is hinged.

Base Phase

Proper strength and endurance building begins with a foundation. Just like you wouldn’t build a house without a foundation, you wouldn’t build your higher-level endurance and power without establishing a foundation of strength and aerobic endurance first. Your first step in the training plan process is to establish that foundation in what’s known as the Base Phase.

Build Phase

The Build Phase of TrainerRoad’s training plans cranks the volume up a notch. Based on the demands of your specific performance goals, we focus on your short power, sustained power or varying mixes of the two. By focusing on your muscular endurance and/or maximal aerobic power, our aim is to develop and improve those higher-level forms of fitness mentioned earlier.

Specialty Phase

The Specialty Phase strives to be as specific to your target event and performance goals as possible. Whether you’re a road racer, triathlete, off-road rider or enthusiast, the Specialty Phase serves to refine the fitness you’ve developed over the previous weeks of training. By fine-tuning your fitness and mechanics, this phase of training will have you peaked, ultimately fresh and specifically prepared for race day.

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