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Understanding Power Zones

Power Zones are all defined as a percentage of your FTP.  This is what allows us to scale workouts to each racers individual fitness levels, ensuring that everyone is working at their optimal intensity.  As you work your way through Base, Build and Specialty, you will experience many different Zones that each target a specific component of your fitness. This article will be an overview of each Power Zone and what that zone strives to achieve.

Active Recovery            (<55% FTP)

Endurance                     (55% - 75% FTP)

Tempo                            (76% - 87% FTP)

Sweet Spot                    (88% - 94% FTP)

Threshold                      (95% - 105% FTP)

VO2 Max                       (106% - 120% FTP)

Anaerobic Capacity   (>120% FTP)

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