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Why Isn’t AI FTP Detecting my FTP During the Specialty Block?

During the Specialty phase, AI FTP Detection will stop prompting you to update your FTP so that Adaptive Training can guide you to peak fitness for your priority event or goal. By not updating your FTP during the Specialty phase, your training plan can focus on fine-tuning your fitness.

Why did my FTP change during the Specialty Phase?

AI FTP Detection will not run during the Specialty phase. Adaptive Training may however make an FTP adjustment. FTP adjustments are triggered if your Progression Levels surpass a level nine in the Sweet Spot, Threshold, VO2, or Anaerobic zone. An FTP adjustment will also be triggered if any one of your Progression Levels is lowered below level two. These Progression Level changes during the Specialty phase will result in a 2% FTP adjustment. 

Manually Detecting Your FTP During Specialty

While AI FTP Detection will not run automatically during the Specialty block of your training plan you will still have the option to manually run AI FTP Detection during Specialty in your account settings. While the option remains, we don't recommend updating your FTP during the Specialty Phase so that Adaptive Training can fine-tune your fitness for your main goal.

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