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What’s the Difference Between FTP Detections and FTP Adjustments

When AI FTP Detection is enabled, our AI will present you with two types of potential FTP changes, FTP Detections and FTP Adjustments. 


FTP Detections

If you are currently in the Base or Build phase of your training plan, every 28 days, you will have the option of viewing an FTP Detection. Our AI uses your personal biometrics along with the unique details of your recent and past cycling data to quantify your fitness at the time of your detection. Essentially, an FTP detection is reflective of your absolute FTP, and will influence both your Progression Levels and workout suggestions.

Additionally, completing a Level 9.0 workout in the Base or Build phase may trigger an AI FTP Detection, even if it hasn't been 28 days since your last detection. Similarly, this detection can occur even when you are not following a structured training plan.


FTP Adjustments

FTP adjustments, on the other hand, mainly occur if you are in the Specialty phase of your training plan. Because FTP detections won’t run automatically during Specialty phases, FTP adjustments are used when necessary to keep your training on track. As a result, accepting an FTP adjustment won’t affect the 28-day timer linked to an FTP detection. 


Two Types of FTP Adjustments 

In general, our AI may suggest an FTP adjustment if you meet one of the following criteria: 

Completing a Level 9.0 Workout

If you successfully complete a level 9.0 workout in the Sweet Spot, Threshold, VO2 Max or Anaerobic Zones and you are in the Speciality phase, AI FTP Detection will suggest a 2% increase in your FTP. This small FTP change ensures that your Progression Levels stay adequately elevated, so that Adaptive Training will continue to prescribe higher-level workouts with greater time in that zone. In doing so, this bump from our AI will allow you to continue to sharpen the energy systems that will be utilized specifically during your event.

Failing a Level 2.0 Workout 

Alternatively, if you fail a level 2.0 workout during your Specialty phase and your Post-Workout survey response for that session is marked as “too intense” or “training fatigue”, AI FTP Detection will suggest to decrease your FTP by 2%. This small change in FTP is meant to help get you back on track with your training, and set you up for success in your future workouts. 

FTP decreases are unique in that they can also occur outside of the Specialty Phase, even if an athlete isn't following a plan. 


Adjustments vs. Detections

It is important to note that an FTP Adjustment is different from an FTP Detection. In fact, adjustment values may be higher or lower than the FTP Detection value you receive once you have finished your Specialty phase. Although not recommended, should you feel the need to further adjust your FTP when in the Specialty phase of your training, you can always do so manually. 


This can be done from your TrainerRoad account tab. Just click on FTP History and then Add Record

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