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Apple Health Troubleshooting

My Workouts Won't Sync to My Apple Watch

If your workouts aren't syncing from your TrainerRoad app to the Fitness App on your Apple Watch here's what you should check:

Is the Apple Watch up to date?

Make sure that your Apple Watch is running the latest operating system available by Apple. The minimum iOS version to sync between TrainerRoad and Apple is iOS 17.

Is your TR iOS app up to date?

Check for any app updates for your TrainerRoad iOS app within the Apple App Store.

Is the workout marked as an Outside Workout?

Be sure that you have changed the setting for your TrainerRoad workout so that it is marked to be completed outside, and that the workout profile for your session is now showing in green in your TrainerRoad app.

Are permissions set correctly?

Check that you have enabled all available permissions for TrainerRoad for both your Apple Watch App and Apple Health App.

Apple Watch App


This can be verified in the Apple Watch App on your iOS device. 

Just click on Workout. 

Then click on Connected Apps. 

And verify that TrainerRoad is enabled. 

Apple Health App


This can be verified from the Settings app of your iOS device.

Just click on your Health app.


Then click on Data Access and Devices


And verify the permissions allotted for TrainerRoad.


For optimal syncing, we recommend enabling all available permissions.


My Workouts Aren't Pulling Into TrainerRoad From Apple Health

Currently, we can only import completed Outside TrainerRoad Workouts from Apple Health.

Unstructured outside rides, as well as run and swim workouts, won't be imported.

If your completed TrainerRoad Outside Workouts aren't being pushed from Apple Health into your TrainerRoad account, be sure to check that you have enabled all available permissions for TrainerRoad within the Settings app of your iOS device, as described above.

How to Manage Your Permissions

You can check and manage the permissions granted to TrainerRoad for both your Apple Watch and Apple Health via the following pathways.

Apple Health:

These permissions can be turned on via the Settings app of your iOS device under the Health tab.


Apple Watch:

The allocated permissions for TrainerRoad can again be verified through your iOS device.

This time, though, go ahead and click on the Apple Watch app.


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