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Apps Compatible with CompuTrainer

The CompuTrainer will work with TrainerRoad through the "Legacy" Windows and Mac apps. CompuTrainer support is not available for iOS or Android devices.

You can download the Legacy apps from the following links:

Legacy Windows Download

Legacy Mac Download

Note: If you're a Mac user, and you're using MacOS X 10.15 (Catalina) or newer, contact us at support@trainerroad.com so we can provide instructions to download our older Legacy AIR app.

Necessary Drivers for the CompuTrainer

To use a CompuTrainer with TrainerRoad, you'll need to install the correct drivers first.




Handlebar Unit

The handlebar unit should have firmware version 43.45 or newer. This is the number that shows up on the screen when the unit is powered on. If it is older it may just work but if it doesn't, you'll need an upgrade from RacerMate.

Note: Racermate's website now claims they are officially closed. The documentation to upgrade the CompuTrainer forwards you to the same page stating they are closed. We are not aware if any other means to upgrade the handlebar unit are available.

For details on further support, we suggest checking with fellow CompuTrainer owners by posting on The RacerMate Forum. You can find that forum from the following link: CompuTrainer Forum


F1/Start - Start or stop the workout

Stop - Stops the workout

F2 - Switches modes between Slope (gradient) and ERG (resistance changes to match target power)

F3 - Enter or exit calibration mode. Once in calibration mode, spin up to the required speed on the handlebar unit and then coast. Once the new calibration value is displayed, press F3 to save the new value and resume the workout

+/- buttons - In Slope mode - changes the slope up or down by 0.1 In Erg mode - changes the workout percent up or down, which increases or decreases the target watts


To use your CompuTrainer with TrainerRoad, you need a USB to Stereo adapter.

Note: These adapters are out of stock at RacerMate, but you can find an alternative cable that we have tested here.

CompuTrainer: General Use with TrainerRoad

Starting and stopping a workout

Press Start on the handlebar unit to start or stop a workout. You can also use the play/pause button on the workout screen


After the trainer is warmed up (5-10 minutes), it's good practice to calibrate the CompuTrainer. To calibrate, just press F3. This will pause the workout and allow you to spin up and coast down to get a new calibration number. The old number shows on the bottom and 0.00 shows up on top. After the spindown, the new number will show up on top. Press F3 to save the new number. If the number is outside the range of 2.5 to 3.5 you may want to adjust the tension on the rear wheel. Tighten to make the number go up, and loosen to make the number go down.

Test Workouts

During test intervals of the test workouts (8-minute test and 20-minute test), TrainerRoad will automatically switch to Slope mode at 2%. Since the goal of the test interval is to put out the highest average watts possible, you'll want to shift and/or adjust the slope up or down so you can pedal at your optimal cadence.

Free Rides

Since there is no watt target in a free ride, you'll automatically start at 150W. You can use the up and down arrows to adjust this by 5-watt increments. You can also use F2 (or the mode dropdown on the devices tab) to switch to Slope mode. Use the up/down arrows to adjust the slope setting in 0.1 increments.

Multiple Devices

If you have ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart devices paired in addition to your Computrainer, you'll see this data as well. For cadence, speed, and power, any device that sends this data will be shown and recorded instead of the Computrainer data. For example, if you have a Quarq power meter and a Computrainer paired at the same time, cadence and power will be recorded from the Quarq and speed will be recorded from your Computrainer. The Computrainer will still use its power measurements internally to set the load on the trainer in ERG mode.


Computrainer won't pair when the search button is pressed.

Make sure you have the driver installed.



Hard coding the Port

If you try to pair the device and it fails, you'll see a dropdown menu in Windows to choose the port.

Alternatively, there is a config.txt file in your Documents folder under the TrainerRoad subfolder. Open that file by double clicking on it. Be sure to save the file and restart TrainerRoad for changes to take effect.

On Windows we search com1- com24 and on Mac we search all of the com ports (/dev/cu.*). If this isn't working for you, find the port that your Computrainer is connected to and replace


in the config.txt file with your port number. On Windows, you should be able to find this in other Computrainer software or Device Manager under "Ports". For example, if it's on comm port 3 you'd change the line above to this:


On OSX, it's a little trickier to figure out what port the Computrainer is on. From Terminal, run

ls -l /dev/cu.*

to see all of the serial devices connected. By unplugging the CT you should be able to figure out which one it is. It might be something like:


Check the firmware version of the handlebar unit

If it is lower than 43.45 you may need an upgrade from RacerMate. Another way to tell is if your screen always displays proE when connected to the computer. For it to work with TrainerRoad, it needs to display the calibration screen when connected to the computer. Once it is paired with TrainerRoad, the screen will switch to display "proE".

Try switching between "Ergometer Mode" and "General Exercise Mode"

Press reset while in the "resistance calibration program". See the CompuTrainer Manual for more details.

Make sure no other CompuTrainer software is running

CompuTrainer software will keep TrainerRoad from recognizing and controlling the CompuTrainer.

Computrainer doesn't show up on any port on Mac OSX

Try reinstalling the driver for the serial adapter. See Drivers section above.

Computrainer starts acting funny or doesn't pair anymore

Sometimes the DIN cable goes bad. Try contacting CompuTrainer to order a new one.

Note: Racermate's website now claims they are officially closed. For details on further support, we suggest checking with fellow CompuTrainer owners by posting on The RacerMate Forum. You can find that forum from the following link: CompuTrainer Forum


CompuTrainer's Troubleshooting Resources

CompuTrainer has also released a troubleshooting document that can be found from the following link: CompuTrainer Troubleshooting Document.

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