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Kurt Kinetic inRide Power Meter


Kinetic has three different versions of the inRide sensor. 

The inRide 1 is only compatible with with the Legacy (AIR) app.  To find out if you have an inRide 1, follow the instructions listed on this page

The inRide 2 is compatible via Bluetooth 4.0.

The inRide 3 is dual-band and compatible via both Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+.

The Kurt Kinetic inRide is a power meter that attaches to any Kurt Kinetic fluid trainer. The inRide will not work with other trainers.

The inRide 2 uses Bluetooth Smart (4.0) communication protocol. Learn more about Bluetooth Smart and TrainerRoad.

The inRide 3 uses Bluetooth Smart and ANT+. Learn more about ANT+ connectivity here.

How to Pair Your inRide with TrainerRoad (Mobile)

1. Navigate to the Devices tab. Make sure you have Bluetooth turned on and the inRide is in motion to allow for pairing.


2. Tap on the inRide to initiate pairing. Once the device is bordered in green it is paired.


3. Tap the device again to open the Device Settings menu.


4. Finally, perform a Spindown Calibration. Now, you're ready to ride!'


How to Pair Your inRide with TrainerRoad (Desktop)

1. Navigate to the Devices tab of the app and ensure you have Bluetooth enabled.


2. Hover over and click on the inRide to begin pairing. Once the device is bordered in green it has successfully paired.


3. Click the inRide one more time to open the Device Settings menu. From here you can calibrate the device.


4. Once calibrated, you are now ready to ride!


How to Pair Your inRide with TrainerRoad (Legacy)

1. Open the TrainerRoad application and go to the Devices tab.

2. Scroll down to the list of Bluetooth devices, and click the "Pair" button next to inRide.

3. Wait for your inRide to pair with TrainerRoad.

"Searching for device" will be displayed until the power meter is found. You may need to pedal in order to "wake up" the inRide.

4. Your inRide is Now Paired!

The pairing box will turn green once your inRide is paired with TrainerRoad.

5. Performing a Spindown Calibration

Performing a spindown calibration ensures that your power readings are accurate. We recommend doing a spindown before each ride after the rear tire has warmed up. Spin for five or so minutes to warm the tire, click the button that says "Spindown", and follow the on-screen instructions that will appear.

Pro Flywheel

Check the Pro Flywheel box if you have one installed on your trainer. Learn more about the Pro Flywheel.


The inRide will stay paired and "awake" while TrainerRoad is running. To save battery life, close TrainerRoad after your workout or unpair the inRide.


If you're having problems pairing the inRide, it may not be working correctly. To reset the inRide, remove the battery and put it in backward for at least three seconds. After this is done, put the battery back in the normal way and try to pair it again with TrainerRoad.

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