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Creating and Using a TrainerRoad Team

Teams allow you to share workouts with others and stay up to date with other people you ride with.

Go to the Teams Page


You'll need to be logged into TrainerRoad. You can log in here.

Create Team

Add a Team Name and Team Description.

Choose Privacy Setting

Public teams will be visible on the Browse Teams page and any TrainerRoad member can request access.

Set member access

"Approval" teams will have emails sent to administrators when members request access to the team.

Set Ride Feed access and Continue


Add Workouts

Choose workouts to add to the team. You can add your own custom workouts and existing TrainerRoad workouts. Other team administrators can also add their workouts.

Add Members

Add members via email or username. If they don't have a TrainerRoad account, their email address will show up under invited users. Otherwise, it will show their username.

Manage Your Team

From the team page, all members will see options on the sidebar about the team. If you're an administrator, you'll see a few more. You can use those links to edit the team type, add or remove workouts, and add or remove members.

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