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Compatible Devices and Sensors

TrainerRoad supports most Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ sensors, including trainers, heart rate monitors, power meters, and speed/cadence sensors. This page will help explain which devices should work with TrainerRoad, along with how you can check yourself if your training device isn't listed here.

Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive. If your trainer or device is not listed here, that does not mean you are out of luck! Check out the "How do ANT+ and Bluetooth standards work" at the bottom of this article, and reach out to our support team if you have any compatibility questions.

If not otherwise marked, devices below are compatible over both Bluetooth and ANT+. 

Protip: open up the dropdown menus below, then press Ctrl + F (cmd + F on Mac) on your keyboard to quickly search for your device's name. 

Speed & Cadence Sensors


    • Bluecombo+
    • Smartcadence
    • Digicadence (ANT only)
    • Digispeed (ANT only)


    • Interchange Digital Combo Sensor
    • DuoTrap S
    • DuoTrap (Pre-2015 version is ANT only)
    • SpeedTrap Digital Speed Sensor
    • Digital Speed Sensor (ANT only)
    • Digital Cadence Sensor (ANT only)


    • TR200DW/TR300TW (Bluetooth only)


    • PowerTap SL 2.4 Speed/Cadence Sensor (ANT only)
    • PowerTap SL 2.4 Speed Sensor (ANT only)


    • GSC 10 (ANT only)
    • Bike Speed Sensor (ANT only)
    • Bike Cadence Sensor (ANT only)
    • Bike Speed Sensor 2
    • Bike Cadence Sensor 2


    • Ridesense 2.0 
    • Ridesense (ANT only)


    • Speed/Cadence (Bluetooth only)


    • Cadence Speed Flow Sensor (Bluetooth only)


    • SGY-CS500 (ANT only)


    • Speed and Cadence Sensor (Bluetooth only)


    • Speed or Cadence sensor (Only transmits speed or cadence, not both)


    • RHYTHM SC (Bluetooth only)


    • Magnetless Speed Sensor Cadence Sensor


    • R2 Duo Speed and Cadence Sensor
    • Speed Transmitter (ANT only)
    • Cadence Transmitter (ANT only)


    • Speed Pod (ANT only)


    • Speed and Cadence Sensor Smart


    • PanoBike Cadence and Speed Sensor (Bluetooth only)


    • Blue SC (Older Wahoo Blue SCs are Bluetooth only. The newest Blue SC models will work over ANT+ and BLE)
    • RPM Speed
    • RPM Cadence


Heart Rate Monitors


    • Viiiiva


    • Softstrap HR Belt


    • HR-11 (ANT only)
    • HR-12 (Bluetooth only)


    • HR Transmission Belt (ANT+)
    • HR Transmission Belt (BLE)


    • Soft Strap Premium HRM (ANT only)
    • HRM-Dual
    • HRM-Tri (ANT only)
    • HRM-Swim (ANT only)
    • HRM-Run (ANT only)
    • Fenix 6
    • Fenix 5 (ANT only)
    • Fenix Chronos (ANT only)
    • Fenix 3 HR (ANT only)
    • Forerunner 935 (ANT only)
    • Forerunner 735XT (ANT only)
    • Forerunner 235 (ANT only)
    • Forerunner 35 (ANT only)
    • Forerunner 25 (ANT only)
    • Vívosmart HR+ (ANT only)
    • Vívoactive HR (ANT only)
    • Vivoactive 4 (ANT only)


    • 2 in 1 Heart Rate Belt


    • Heart Rate Flow Sensor (Bluetooth only)


    • LINK 
    • Slice
    • ALPHA 2 (Bluetooth only)
    • FUSE
    • MioPod


    • SGY-HR500 (ANT only)


    • A370 Watch (Bluetooth Only)
    • H10 HR Sensor
    • H7 HR Sensor (Bluetooth only)
    • H6 HR Sensor (Bluetooth only)


    • SmartBeat (Bluetooth only)


    • Rhythm Chest Strap (Bluetooth only)


    • R1 Duo Heart Rate Transmitter


    • SpeedZone Digital HR Strap (ANT only)


    • Smart Sensor (Bluetooth only)


    • Heart Rate Belt Smart


    • PanoBike Heart Rate Monitor (Bluetooth only)


    • Wahoo TICKR X/ TICKR 2020
    • Wahoo TICKR Run
    • Wahoo TICKR FIT
    • Wahoo TICKR


    • 3.0 (Bluetooth only)


    • HxM
      • There is a version of the HR monitor known as “Zephyr HxM BT.” That version will not work with TrainerRoad, as it uses a proprietary version of Bluetooth. However, the Zephyr HxM Smart should pair.


Power Meters


    • Precision 
    • Precision Pro
    • Precision Podiiiium Pro
    • Precision Fiiiit


    • Cinch Power Meter


    • Assioma (For Dual-Power, ANT required, but will pair over Bluetooth)
    • bePro (ANT only)

Full Speed Ahead (FSA)

    • PowerBox (Bluetooth is available in newly bought FSA PowerBox power meters, or as a purchasable upgrade.)


    • Vector (ANT only)
    • Vector S (ANT only)
    • Vector 2  (ANT only)
    • Vector 2s (ANT only)
    • Vector 3
    • Vector 3s


    • LIMITS Power Meter 


    • Keo Power Dual Regular 
    • Keo Power Dual Essential


    • SBT-PM
    • SBT-LT
    • SGY-PM (ANT only)
    • SGY-LT (ANT only)


    • Keo Power Meter Regular (Bluetooth only)
    • Keo Power Meter Essential (Bluetooth only)


    • Classic (ANT only)
    • Type S (ANT only)
    • NG 
    • NG Eco


    • P1 Pedals (ANT+ must be used for dual power)
    • P2 Pedals (ANT+ must be used for dual power)
    • C1 Chainrings
    • G3 Hub (Newer G3’s ship with a dual-band hub cap, but older G3 units that have an ANT+ cap on it it can be replaced with a dual-band or BLE cap.)
    • GS Hub (see above - the same information applies)
    • Pro Hub (ANT only)
    • SL+ Hub (ANT only)
    • SLC+ Hub (ANT only)


    • Cinqo (ANT only)
    • DZero / DFour (Older versions of the power meter (~2016), or specialized versions of the power meter may not support Bluetooth)
    • Elsa (ANT only)
    • Riken (ANT only)


    • Power Crank (ANT only)
    • Rotor Power LT (ANT only)
    • Rotor INspider (ANT only)
    • Rotor 2INpower Road 
    • Rotor INpower Road


    • FC-R9100-P (the R9100P only broadcasts power on ANT+, and not Bluetooth Smart)


    • EXACT Pedals
    • X Power Pedals


    • Crank Arm Power Meter (ANT+ must be used for dual power)


    • Powerbeat Road


    • Infocrank M30

Team Zwatt

    • Zpider
    • Zwatt Zimanox



    • Fliiiight


    • Classic (ANT+ and Desktop apps only)
    • Pro
    • Pro 2 (No resistance control over Bluetooth - pairs as a power meter)
    • Smart Go (No resistance control over Bluetooth)
    • Smart Air (Desktop apps only)


    • Note: The CompuTrainer will only work on TrainerRoad's Legacy app due to its age and lack of support from RacerMate. Check out our page on the CompuTrainer here for more information on how to get it working with TrainerRoad.


    • Hammer
    • H2
    • H3
    • Magnus
    • M2
    • PRO Indoor Cycle 300/400 (Must use TrainerRoad legacy. Reach out to support for more information)


    • Arion Digital Smart B+ Rollers (No resistance control over Bluetooth - pairs as a power meter)
    • Direto 
    • Direto X 
    • Direto XR
    • Drivo (No resistance control over Bluetooth - pairs as a power meter)
    • Drivo II (Must use Misuro B+ to get power readings. No resistance control)
    • Fuoripista
    • Kura (No resistance control)
    • Nero
    • Novo Force (Must use Misuro B+ to get power readings. No resistance control)
    • Novo Smart
    • Qubo Digital Smart B+
    • Suito
    • Tuo
    • Turno (No Resistance control)
    • Rampa
    • Real E-Motion B+ (Resistance control is only available through ANT)
      • Not to be confused with the earlier 'Quick Motion', ‘E-Motion’, or 'Real E-Motion'.
        Those trainers are only usable through VirtualPower.
    • Real Turbo Muin B+ 
      • Not to be confused with the earlier ‘Turbo Muin', ‘Turbo Muin Smart B+’, or ‘Real Turbo Muin’. Those trainers are only usable through VirtualPower.
    • RealAxiom B+
      • Not to be confused with the earlier ‘Real Axiom’, which connected via USB.
        The older Axiom can only be used with a power meter or VirtualPower.
    • Real Tour B+
      • Not to be confused with the earlier ‘Real Tour’, which connected via USB.
        The older Real Tour can only be used with a power meter or Virtual Power.


    • E-Motion Smart Rollers


    • WhisperDrive Smart

Kurt Kinetic

    • Control T-6300
    • InRide1
      • The InRide1 is only supported on the TrainerRoad Legacy application. Contact Support and we can get you on the Legacy app.
    • InRide2 (No resistance control)
    • InRide3 (No resistance control)
    • Road Machine Control (Bluetooth only)
    • Smart Control (Bluetooth only)
    • R1 (Bluetooth only)


    • Gravat2 (Does not support ERG mode over Bluetooth, only ANT+)


    • Smart Turbo Kagura - Direct Drive (Does not support ERG mode over Bluetooth, only ANT+)
    • Smart Turbo Kagura - Wheel On (Does not support ERG mode over Bluetooth, only ANT+)


    • StagesBike


    • Bushido Smart
    • Flow Smart
    • Flux
    • Flux 2
    • Flux S
    • Genius Smart (Model numbers T2060 and T2080 only - other versions will not pair with TrainerRoad)
    • IRONMAN Smart
    • Neo
    • Neo 2
    • Satori Smart (Only provides power on Bluetooth, no resistance control)
    • Vortex Smart / TDF (Model numbers T2180 and T2380 only - other versions will not pair with TrainerRoad)


    • KICKR Snap
    • KICKR


    • Atom (ERG mode only - no slope or resistance mode)
    • Pro/Trainer (Requires the Model B Monitor to connect over Bluetooth)


    • Smart Z Bike
    • Smart Z Go
    • Smart Z Pro

For more information on compatible trainers, see the Help Center page here.

How do ANT+ and Bluetooth Standards work?

While browsing training devices online, you’ve likely seen things like “Bluetooth Smart” or “ANT+ FE-C” mentioned and wondered what these mean. 

In the early days of technology-based training, each device or company used its own sort of “language" to communicate between the device and the training software. For example, Trainer A and Trainer B might both communicate using ANT+, but how all of their information was packaged to us would differ - meaning we would need to add support for both trainers individually. As indoor device options grew, this became quite a struggle.

This issue led to the creation of Bluetooth and ANT standards which (you guessed it) standardized how data is sent and received. These two standards are Bluetooth Smart, and ANT+ Fitness Equipment-Control (FE-C). 

Instead of each company making their own ANT or Bluetooth protocol, companies can now choose to use Bluetooth Smart or ANT FE-C and know that their device will work on a multitude of platforms.

HR monitors, Cadence sensors, and Power meters all have their own versions of a Bluetooth and ANT standard protocol.

If you see that a trainer or other device is marked as "Bluetooth Smart" or "ANT+ FE-C", it should be compatible with TrainerRoad. 

If you are still unsure and would like to double-check your trainer or other devices' functionality, feel free to reach out to us at support@trainerroad.com.

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